Will The Vatican Finally Admit They Are Hiding A ‘Time Machine’?

One of the most controversial conspiracy theories is probably the Vatican holding a powerful device that can look into the past and future. The machine is called “the Chronovisor” which consists of a screen and dials according to some descriptions.
The existence of this mysterious device was first revealed by a priest sometime after World War 2. This priest claimed the Vatican used a device to look into the past and watch the crucifixion of Jesus Christ along with other important biblical events. One photograph of Christ’s face was taken and was revealed by the priest where it made into the newpapers at the time.
New claims following the recent CIA leaks tells us about the Chronovisor being used by secret services such as MI6 and the CIA. Conspiracy theorists assume that the CIA used the device to see political history ahead of time to mold the American empire.
Watch the following video to know more!

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