Trans-Species? This Woman Claims She Is Actually a Cat

The modern world has become increasingly surreal over the last 15 years. As well as people insisting that they should be treated as a member of the other gender, there are a few out there who have gone as far as claiming that they are not part of the human species.
That sounds like a joke – and some would assume it is, but in this strange new world, perhaps one could believe such a thing is true.
Nano from Norway believes she is a cat
The woman in question, as strange as it sounds to us, claims to be a cat. Nano, 20, from Norway, believes that she was born as the wrong species, and should be considered a cat by others. How far does she take her cat-like behavior? If she is to be believed, she has always hissed at other animals, is afraid of water. She meows to some of her friends and has tried to catch mice with her hands, without success.
Some would say that the story must be fake – no one could claim to be a cat trapped in a human’s body and expect to be taken seriously. But, at least in the last ten years, it has become somewhat socially unacceptable not to take those who claim to be another gender seriously. Perhaps those who claim to be trans-species will be protected by the same politically correct social climate in the last ten years?
The best argument in defense of the increasing cultural weirdness of the last ten years might be that it is simply harmless. A large majority of people who suffer from mental disorders are harmless. Mental hospitals should be limited to those who are a danger to themselves or others. Psychiatric treatment should be voluntary. But there is the argument that normalization of strange behavior will eventually cause laws to be put into place that will cause the rest of us to suffer. And, for those of us who admire the old left, there is the argument that the left is making itself laughable, and thus destroying itself. A culture in which the left has destroyed itself could easily swing too far in the other political direction.

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