Recently Declassified CIA Papers Reveal UFO And ESP Secrets

It has been believed for decades if not centuries now that there was such a thing as UFO’s and that individuals did have ESP or psychic powers. Of course, there was never any documentation by any government sanctioned office that these phenomena exist. That is none that was made open to the public, that is until now.
The CIA has now declassified million of documents that use to be top secret information. Some of these documents were stuff that many of us would expect to find, such as information about various war efforts over the years, But among these was also stuff that proved once and for all what so many of us already knew was true, the UFO sightings were real and there have been extensive study into ESP behavior.
The documentation shows investigations into UFO’s dating back to the mid-seventies. These go into the fact that around twenty percent of these sightings were that of a flying craft that couldn’t easily be explained nor did it seem to be anything that was technology known to man. There was also information on the fact that the Air Force did research into whether or not these UFO’s were a threat to the earth and whether or not we should prepare for an attack.
According to one of the papers at least 20 percent of unidentified flying craft sightings could not be scientifically explained.
“The IAC has reviewed the current situation concerning unidentified flying objects, which have caused extensive speculation in the press and have been the subject of concern to Government organizations… Since 1947, approximately 1,500 official reports of sightings have been received and, of these about 20 percent are as yet unexplained,” the document says.
There was also documentation that in the early seventies the CIA was doing a study on ESP. This study included doing research on an illusionist from Israel by the name of Uri Gellar. Gellar over the years had displayed signs of having psychic abilities, and he was among those well-known figures the CIA wanted to study.
But why was the CIA interested in those who displayed such abilities? Well, it would seem that US Military was initiating Project Stargate in 1978 which was about finding out about how psychic abilities were being used by military and other organizations in foreign countries or even at home. As for, Gellar’s part of this research how did he pan out?
It would depend on who did the research according to the documentation he did have ESP. However, a few nights before he did this study he appeared on Tonight Show then hosted by Johnny Carson and didn’t fair up as well. Maybe it comes down to what some say psychic abilities isn’t something someone can turn on like a light switch it just happens. In any case, as for this, research and even Project Stargate it ended in the mid-nineties and this information was declassified.
Anyway, these documents prove what so many of us knew there were cover-ups going on. The truth was out there; it was just not being made known. That is until now, and it isn’t anything knew that we didn’t already suspect.
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