Ghost Child Caught on Camera In Hospital

Cordoba children’s hospital staff stand horrified as some as well as visitors claimed to have seen the ghost of a child hiding beside a bed that had been left out overnight by one of the employees.
As the events occurred, one of the nurses there had taken footage of it and states that she had seen a child hiding peeking out from the sheets of the bed that had been draped over. She as well as the other employees also go on to claim that they were sure that it was a ghost as they say they had seen the shadow of a young child being cast but no one was there. Others found these accusations to be fake, but the employees stood by their claims as they further added something which would make things more believable.
With this event passing, some of the employees there went on to say that some time ago, the corridor where the ghost was supposedly sighted connects to rooms that were used by children at the time, and some believe that the ghost that they saw may have been a soul of a child that died some time ago in one of the rooms, Most specifically room 500. Ever since then, that corridor has not been used and from what they say, it is mostly deserted with no other patients within those rooms. In another interview that relates to this event, it is further stated that this is not the first time they had seen a ghost within that hospital and that they have had reports of seeing that very same ghost over ten times now. There were even some in disbelief that one of the employees had placed balloons in one of the abandoned rooms and claimed that they witnessed them popping with no one else there.
There have been no other reports since then. But who is to say that they won’t be back with another ghost sighting? Having seen one over ten times says a lot and how it can make someone into a believer of ghosts. Only time will tell.

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