BREAKING Incredible!!!! Man Comes Forward With Physical Proof Of Bigfoot

My mind was blown when I stumbled upon these videos today! Peter is an incredibly brave individual (Seriously no fear in revealing the truth to the world!) and was generous to share his fathers discovery from back in the 1950s (Killed and preserved a genuine Bigfoot shot Sept 23, 1953 !).He has shared videos of not only a real sasquatch foot but also a paw and the contents of the beasts stomach (Including a unrefined diamond verified by geologists from MIT!!!). I wanted to make sure that I shared this with the rest of the ATS community before it gets taken down by the powers that be (exposing the truth in regards to bigfoot/Sasquatch is the baby steps towards total disclosure in my opinion). Peter has disclosed numerous scientific facts utilizing his first hand knowledge of these beasts anatomy through dissection and analysis (The beasts veins, organs and skin were so tough that they needed wire cutters and other tools to dissect its body… DuPont wanted to take samples to help synthesize super strong materials for use in industry!!!!). I believe his incredibly revealing videos will flip the Sasquatch community on its heads, please go and check this out while we still have the chance…Again unbelievable find from and incredible individual. God bless him and his father/his fathers friend for making and preserving this incredible discovery!! ALSO I’ve heard he has the beasts head preserved…im waiting with baited breath for his next video!!!!!!

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