Are These Moon Pictures With Same Background Proof Of Fake Moon Landing?

One of the most discussed hoax conspiracies of all time is probably the authenticity Moon Landing. The controversial topic has led many people to doubt the Apollo lunar missions for a long time and many have studied and analyzed most of the missions footage and photos to see if they could identify any flaw or error.
NASA has always said that the lunar missions were indeed real and that all media should be regarded as non edited or staged. There are two images that have light a fuse among tin foil conspiracists claiming that it’s shocking evidence that the moon landing was all fake. The images shows two backgrounds that are similar but with some notable differences on the foreground. Moon hoax believers think these two images were either edited or staged in a studio with a fake background. However, there is more to it. So does it really prove the moon landing was fake? Watch the following video to know more!

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