Premature Baby Found Dead After Given 8 Vaccines

A six-week-old baby from Louisiana was found dead just ten days after a hospital nurse forcibly gave the infant eight “routine” vaccines against the mother’s instincts.

Aysia Hope Clark was born over one month prematurely when doctors advised her mother that her baby daughter should be given eight doses of vaccinations into her tiny body. reports:

Ten days later, which is a critical time children die from vaccine-related injuries, Aysia stopped breathing, her heart stopped beating and she died while sleeping on her mother’s arm.

The pathologist’s opinion was that Aysia died from positional asphyxiation related to co-sleeping and being born prematurely, without having to prove this is what she died from. There was no mention on her autopsy report that she had been recently vaccinated.

Aysia’s parents, Hope Doucet and Joseph Clark, were informed the burden of proof was shifted onto them, to prove Aysia died from the vaccines and that it would be nearly impossible to receive any compensation from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

In the State of Louisiana, three types of vaccine exemptions are offered for children to go to school unvaccinated: medical, religious and philosophical. This family will no longer vaccinate after losing their baby and learning they are the ones held responsible when the vaccines harm.

Hope is now well aware that vaccinations are the hidden cause of infant mortality, after witnessing her own daughter’s death get covered up. She courageously shares her true story about what happened to her daughter, in hopes to help educate other parents about the importance of researching vaccines before blindly trusting what the doctor tells you.


Aysia’s Mother Speaks Out About Her Daughter’s Tragedy

Hope Doucet shares memories of her daughter Aysia. She writes,

“After what happened and how we were treated, I’ve lost faith in the medical community and pediatricians giving vaccines. If these shots are so safe, why are they killing our babies?

I want to thank everyone for all the support and it’s not just me; those of you who have had children who have had vaccine reactions, whether life-threatening or infant loss, all need support. We know our kids better than anyone else.

I want people to know how to recognize vaccine reactions and that if your baby starts sleeping a lot, gets fussier more than usual and stops eating, seek help immediately, as these are all important signs your child may be suffering a severe vaccine injury. Giving Tylenol after vaccinations is also dangerous.

When this first happened, I spoke to the coroner who told me he doesn’t believe in SIDS and preliminary ruled Aysia’s cause of death as positional asphyxiation.

I then went to the doctor a couple days after Aysia’s funeral and asked to speak to the doctor because I had questions concerning my child’s death. He told me he didn’t have time that day and I could come back a week later.

I went ahead and asked him if it was the shots and them being given two weeks early, he said no. I also asked him if he believed in SIDS; he said yes. I told him what the coroner said; he said he needs to stop telling people that SIDS doesn’t exist.

He also said in all his 20 years of practice, no mom has ever wanted to consult with him after losing a child. That was very strange to me. I want questions answered; why didn’t other mothers talk with him? And I still wonder how many deaths he has had in his practice.

I agree every medicine has side effects and that you have to weigh the pros and cons, but for those who say they administer vaccines and have never lost a baby due to vaccines, I’m sure you have lost a few patients before, at some point in time, but they are not going to put cause of death is from the shots. So how can you say the cause of death was right for those babies and they didn’t die from the shots? There are scientific studies done on this and the data clearly shows otherwise.

I want Aysia’s death certificate changed and I want to be the first one in Louisiana that has vaccines listed as the cause of death.

The whole conspiracy with the FDA who are approving the drugs, the doctors who are saying they are safe and coroners who are covering up the truth with some bogus cause of death that is for us to believe about our children, this has to stop! We as parents know what our children’s different behaviors are and we all need to get the word out.

No amount of money will bring our babies back. The money awarded to parents when their child gets injured from any vaccine is nothing compared to what we lose. It’s the only recourse parents have. We parents learn the majority of claims are denied but we won’t give up.

I was telling my story to a couple that is having a baby because I want parents to do research before they make the decision to vaccinate their child and he went off on me. He cursed me out and told me it was not appropriate for me to say this to them. I said no, what’s not appropriate is my baby dying after having vaccines.

My other daughter’s pediatrician has refused to see her since we’ve declined to vaccinate further. You do not have to get your child vaccinated. Parents need to research vaccine exemptions. When you file, you do not have to specify a reason why.

As I sit here and look at pictures of my baby Aysia, my heart melts. I just want to hold her. I would give my last breath to have her here with me.

My purpose for this story is to tell mothers and fathers to just simply do the research, and then make your decision whether to vaccinate your child. When it comes down to it, it’s better to be safe than sorry, because you don’t get them back if they die from the vaccines. Our family will never vaccinate again.

RIP, my sweet baby Aysia. We love you and don’t understand it now, but someday we will and I will see you again.

All I can do is keep memories of her and love and remember her. I know Aysia is serving a bigger purpose now than I will ever understand. Fly high, my baby girl. Oh, my god, I’m so broken.”


Medical examiners are putting the blame on parents for co-sleeping, while completely ignoring the vaccines given to the child hours or days before, when investigating these infant deaths. They will also relate an infant’s death to poisoning of the body due to something the child ingested or inhaled, but not from the poisons injected through the vaccines.

In the state of Louisiana, health officials have been applauded for having fairly high vaccination rates, but at the same time, Louisiana has consistently been ranked one of the worst states in the nation for having high infant mortality rates, but nowhere in the Louisiana infant mortality data are vaccines mentioned or how many of these babies died after recent vaccinations.

One can read actual published statistics proving how common it is for babies’ sleeping position to be blamed on their death, rather than the vaccines they received:

2012-2013 data shows 54.6% of Louisiana infant deaths were looked at. The results; “Within natural and accidental deaths reviewed, causes of death included asphyxia, SIDS, pneumonia, infections, fatal weapon injuries, motor vehicle accidents (MVAs), drowning and falls. Unsafe sleep was a frequent factor among SUIDs reviewed. A total of 72.6 percent of SUIDs reviewed occurred in an unsafe sleep environment, with 58.9 percent occurring in an adult bed and 13.7 percent occurring in a couch or chair. Sleep position was also identified as a risk factor, with 28.4 percent of SUIDs reviewed reportedly put to sleep on their stomachs.” 

For every white infant dying in Louisiana, two black infants are dying. Aysia was one of them. Her genetics and prematurity made her more susceptible to becoming vaccine injured. A child’s genetic susceptibility to severe vaccine injuries is not considered when parents take their babies in for the shots.

Doctors given monetary incentives to vaccinate as many of their patients on the CDC schedule is one main reason why they turn away unvaccinated patients. It’s about the money, not the health of your child.

Aysia’s siblings have greatly been affected by what happened to their baby sister. These children are left grieving in their own way and they will grow up not vaccinating their future children.

If those making and mandating vaccines actually care about the health of children, they wouldn’t want the children injected with the harmful substances in these vaccines. They could at least teach doctors and those administering vaccines to screen their patients before vaccinating them and hold off giving vaccines to premature babies.

You can’t say you want to protect those vulnerable to diseases when you don’t want to protect those vulnerable to a vaccine injury. If you protect one, you must protect the other. This is why parents and all people must have a choice whether they want to get vaccinated or not.

We will always remember Aysia and how her life ended. Her parents grieve daily knowing nothing will bring her back. Sharing her story is what is important now, to prevent this from happening to another family.

Premature Baby Found Dead After Given 8 Vaccines


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  1. Many years ago I got to know Viera Scheibner Ph.D and she wrote a book (amongst many items) called VACCINATION – 100 years of Orthodox Research shows that Vaccines represent a medical assault on the Immune System. I remember her being able to prove, with work related to infant breathing, that the normal rhythm/pattern of breathing was interrupted by vaccinations up to two weeks after inoculation. Breathing would go from predictable to erratic, some times to apnea and some times to stopping altogether. The correlation between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was and is provable by this alone.

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