My Stay Of Execution From YouTube

America is under siege. The powers that control the mainstream news outlets, and the social media giants, have for the longest time been censoring content from alternative voices. Those of us in the independent media have done everything in our power to expose the elite, the government bureaucrats, and the Illuminati as they continue to try to take over the United States of America and implement a new world order agenda which includes such horrific things such as pedophilia, child sex trafficking, and other things too horrible to even imagine.

I have been working very diligently to expose this situation, and to that end, have begun the process of utilizing social media such as my YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter to continue what I believe will be a never ending battle to restore this country to its true greatness, and protect our children from those monsters who are attempting to do them harm.

As you may be aware, YouTube and Facebook in particular have been using their power to shut down as many alternative voices, as well as conservative commentators as possible. They do this without any sense of regret or remorse. They do this without caring one way or another whether their companies make a profit or whether their shareholders approve of what they are doing. For them, it’s all about social justice and a leftist agenda and this supersedes the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Many prominent independent journalists and commentators have recently had their YouTube channels terminated because of community standard violations by the parent company of YouTube, which is Google. And many more will soon find themselves without a place to provide valuable news and information to the people who really want to know the truth about what is happening in this country and around the world.

Whether or not you agree with some of these independent journalists and commentators or not, their right to have a voice must not be ignored. It is true they are not guaranteed a platform in which to be heard, but they do have a right to speak.

The SGT Report, Mike Adams and Alex Jones are just some of the independent journalists and activists that I am referring to. Alex Jones has been threatened with the shutdown of his YouTube channel, the SGT Report recently had their channel terminated. Fortunately, their channel was restored after a large hue and cry from people who follow their tremendous work in bringing the truth to the people.

Up until now, I have been fortunate in having been spared the wrath of the YouTube censors but unfortunately, within the past week two of my videos were flagged for inappropriate content by the community standards department. As such, I received two strikes out of their three strikes system within less than one week. My channel was threatened with being terminated. I have recently been preparing for such an event, and as such, have been migrating some of my content over to other platforms including Vimeo, Bitchute, Real.Video and Daily Motion.

While I am well aware that these other platforms do not carry the same weight as YouTube, at least they provide a non-censoring platform for the free expression of ideas and the truth about what is really going on in our country.

With two strikes already levied against me by YouTube, and with the threat of a termination hanging over my head, today I took the drastic step of deleting my videos from my channel. I did not, and will not delete the channel. But I took the videos down before YouTube had an opportunity to issue a third strike against me and delete my channel themselves. My intention is to lay low for a couple of weeks, and then resume uploading content to my YouTube channel. However, the content that I will upload will be modified from what you have been seeing in the past. It will still be cutting edge news, but for the even more edgy topics that we have been discussing in the past, I will be directing people on my YouTube channel to my other platforms where they can watch the content that YouTube will not allow. I am certainly hoping that those of you who are subscribed to my channel will continue to remain subscribed, and will also spread the news that I have not by any means gone away, but rather have just begun the process of re-branding myself on one of the platforms that I use for the purpose of being able to maintain a presence on that platform, YouTube.

In order to help facilitate this change, I will be revamping my Truth Unsealed website, designing it with a completely new look, and airing the videos from my other alternative platforms onto that site, so that people will still be able to watch what I am posting. When I resume posting on YouTube, I will give further detailed information about the plans going forward.

I want to thank all of you for your continued support, and rest assured the fight to restore this nation to that which our founding fathers envisioned, as well as to save as many children as possible from the horrors of the PizzaGate pedophile child sex trafficking scandal, and bringing Satanists and the Illuminati to justice will continue full bore as I continue to wage war against demonic forces.

I pray that you continue to follow me in my journey and help me to bring the monsters that are trying to destroy our country to their demise. To that end, I will close by providing the links to my other video platforms, and ask you to please continue to support my efforts with your donations, and in return I am still making available to those who donate and/or make purchases from my sponsors, my bundle of reports on the pizza gate pedophile child sex trafficking scandal.

God bless, and stay tuned!

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  1. I dont know if you have heard of this going on YT recently?
    Brian Harvey lead singer of former pop group East17 in the UK fears for his life as he has seen pedo stuff in his position in the British music industry. In the 1st vid he goes on a rant at people who have made him become a prisoner in his own home. A lot of it doesn’t make sense, as its directed at this pedo hunting docu organisation called Pie and Mash. He believes they got him involved in the pedo recordings to try and discredit his pedo knowledge he feels. Like a psyop looking as if they’re helping catch pedos but are in fact the opposite. In the 2nd video he admits he was in a nightclub and was taken through a secret wall into a private area where he saw a tiny leg and knee with suspenders on and a few guys sitting on chairs with the girl in the middle estimated to be 13. This is only a small revelation I sense as he feels he might get killed if he says anymore. If you go through his vid on YT you will get a handle on his story. Also he knows his phone texts were intercepted and used to set him up for a drugs sting where he ended up going to prison. He also has evidence of the Milly Dowler case (Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World NOTW was disbanded because of phone hacking). He has evidence that the journalist hacked her mobile phone looking at the texts the family were writing trying to track her down. They saw the messages had been read and thought she was still alive. But it was the NOTW journalist hacking the kids phone. He gave this evidence to the Hacking Inquiry but it was never used. Maybe Milly Dowler was an unfortunate casualty of the pedo network? (my opinion only there).Rhis is whatci have gleaned from this and i am sure its only the tip of the iceberg. You please NEED to get this out to the US audience? He will do an interview I am sure as he has already done two YT interviews to date but with UK citizen reporters. This could crack it all wide open? Thanks for your valued work in what you expose every week for us. Regards and brotherly love sent from Scotland from Angela Mitchell

  2. David, my name is Thiago Saltori, I’m a Brazilian guy who has been traveling the world as an athlete, and getting to see the world for what it is, and the people around the world for what they trully are, because in my case, my sport opened up many doors and allowed me to meet people under circumstances of proximity that regular travelers don’t usually have, not at least in so many places anyway. So I have experienced Evil and also Goodness in ways that one can call intense. Eventually, I woke up.
    It hasn’t been too long ago, at least not long since I had my definitive awakening which may have happened one year ago. That estate of awareness that would not allow me to go on in my life whithout working relentlessly to be an instrument of the work of Christ and an ally to the Alliance of those who are engaged in work to others rather than the work to self on this Earth. Since then I have been studying, quite frankly over some easy 5.000 hours over the past year. And so I do watch and listen to you. I wish I was able to financially support you, but you see, my support comes in other ways. And I did not mind to watch and study most of your available work, in ways to make this cause one of my own. And if perhaps many times I do watch silently (as for comments or even uploading some material) is because I want to get things right as well as I can, and you have certainly been a key figure to that. I am confident that soon you will see my work, sure enough I will send it to you, whenever I will have the piece of work that may help us to clean the dirt, light up the shades of fear and confusion and help our species to move into the times that will follow.
    The thing is that the censorship, the attacks from the stablishment are of a sort which is really demotivating for those who can’t find the strenght to endure, and to do what is necessary to change what has to be changed, in ways we can end up the misery, such as the misery of the 8 million children currently slaves to that satanic coup. And for that works, the work of exposing and warning, you have my full support, and my resquest to keep on always going, because ones like me won’t just go away and forget. I’m one who undertands the authority of Christ through us, and by Him I will work until my last day on this Earth, and then from beyond time and space without such great material limitations as we humans do. Proceed we must my friend. You are a true hero, and my life’s work will be both supported and to support those of us who want to live in a world with the right leaders and free from all that has been keeping us as a species of slaves since the beginning of all times.
    Peace my friend, I leave you in the love and in the light of Christ and The One Infinite Creator.
    My best regards, my full support and with all my heart,
    Thiago Saltori

  3. You claim to have inside information. Q says that those who seek to make money off this, or who seek to use it to promote themselves, are frauds. He says there are no insiders, no leakers.

    How did you rate to get selected to report on the trials? You lie. No one has been selected, amd certainly not YOU.

  4. Check out drudge.
    A would be assenin who was planing to kill the president tomorrow Thur. was stopped by the fbi. check it out and report.

  5. Sir, I stumbled here tonight (I actually don’t believe in accidents!) and MUST SPEAK WITH YOU!! Please sir, it’s important!

  6. david can you please tell me whats up with Obama I told my friend he is in gitmo and he said no he is in Oakland made me look dumb

  7. First I want to say God bless to everybody I want to say that everybody that I spent 29 years in prison I’m not proud of it but I’m Jesus Christ call me when I was 7 years old and I left I not to understand my mother told me I didn’t understand why so young he will call me to preach his work so all I want to do is play baseball or you to go to the military because I had timings in baseball and I want to be a marine or whatever in the military something but my mother told me that that’s not what Cheese’s Christ want me to do so what happened is I didn’t listen to my mother rest in peace and I went through real bat moment I trying to take my life like three times and I want to say how because it doesn’t matter and then you know I my mother used to take me to church on Sunday my sister used to take me on Wednesday and then I used to Life’s a wifi-only me if I have a big family so now that I’m a grown men and I understand I understand the Jesus Christ he called Jeremiah when was like six or seven and he told him don’t say that you were a kid because I’m the one who going to talk to you so now I know a lot of things you got to understand the devil being hunting means that was a little kid I used to see him when I was a little kid and he always had it for me but because God has so much Mercy and he loves so much that he sent his son to die for our sins so I gave my life to Jesus Christ and the beginning when I did it was that easy is not easy at all because when you obey the rule the Bible and you do his will people damn right in pictures are going to hate you but I don’t get surprised because if you go to Matthew Jesus Christ said right there it’s not going to be the people from outside is going to be the one for me inside I didn’t understand that but then when I read the test again what he trying to say is today’s your own people that sit down next to you in church but you know I come to a conclusion not my own conclusion Jesus Christ conclusion that when you act like that it’s because you having change from inside out and remember you got to be careful what you watching TV the way you think because when you give your life to God you know the demon that you are possessed about right leave your body and they go around dry places looking where they going to live and the see I will go back to mine my house meaning inside you they fine the house clean and decorating that mean that you still doing bad things even though you still go to church it will go and bring seven more demons now you will have a legion of demon inside you which is 60000 one is the boss and you do things that you never did before so that’s why you got to be careful the way you think what are you watching TV because if you watch stop that it’s like murder or raping or pedophilia or cursing you know you open a door to the enemy but once you open that door you start seeing things in your house and your life and your loved ones I got married when a woman that she was so evil my goodness but I asked. Please you know I used to pray to God to please change it and nothing happened so one day I was playing and I saw a vision that she was going to be in the porch drinking a cup of coffee June 1st 3 years ago and she was waiting for me to give me the key because Jesus Christ. Tire apart abusing me verbally and mentally and emotionally so to this day only saw one time but I don’t hate I pray for her Jesus Christ no did she was never give from him that was from the enemy the devil to destroy me because I know I was going to be instrumental with the suffering that I did in my life because I disobeyed God to preach his word and I love it and you know everything is going on now we just kids you know you know sometimes I when I pray I ask. What is the reason these people could do distance to this little kids and this little girls will it cannot defend themselves you know the answer that I get through the scripture and Roman is God is trying with these people for a long time they don’t change the only one money power and domination and so God gave him a mine if you read Romans I think from the chapter one to the 26th you know that’s what happened. Give him my mind did you know they cannot think it’s spiritual they cannot see it spiritual thinking ahead spiritual slight when he was talkin to you going to Matthew 24 from the chapter one to like the last one he talked to the I can’t pronounce the name in and English THE FARISEOS those people right there and we have a lot of up then right now I tried to open a channel and you two to preach and They didn’t accept it but it want me to pay 1199 so I can listen to music watch videos which I don’t care for the video soul music when I want to do it what I’m supposed to do since I was 7 years old and I still have a lot of time so all I want to say is you’ll have to stay in in prayer and you don’t have to pay for you does he know what you mean praise more like the president play for Venezuela you know it’s real you know and people that don’t have place to live to take a shower to eat you know pray for and then in the end you pray for you I always give Jesus Christ The Glory because when I preached black talk to somebody he just using me so Dave I want to say thank you and God bless you and don’t worry about it God always going to be with you but I’m very sad because I hear all these things they’ve been going on Wendy’s kids man in Beverly Hills California they REI I think I said satanic please and you see the kids coming out what do military soldiers dressing in white then another Chopper lender in the roof and they took a lot of kids away from there this is a day before the Grammys you got to remember the Grammys far is celebration call the devil and a lot of these Hollywood singers for them to get a trophy which is worth nothing they had to do something for the enemy you know who’s the enemy the devil and it’s so disgusting you know but I want to repent the devil in the name of Jesus and you know people you know you you got like a month 2 or 3 months you don’t Stack Up on food like David say and you don’t stock up on food water whatever you need if you got like say your wife and kids do it but if you live by yourself like me it’s easier but let’s pray for President Trump man God bless everybody I love you in the name of Jesus

  8. God bless you you know amaze me write the the Pope Francis was I know he’s Colombian I know he’s a pedophile he said they his words overwrite the Bible you know that’s the reason these people go through what they go through then he trying to say did he’s defending the nun did being raped son of mine and abused since devil little girls that’s a lie man he’s not doing none of that and any none reading my comment in here don’t believe this meant nothing this man is evil the Catholic church is evil. But a lot of people are afraid to speak the truth I’m not afraid to speak the truth when it come to defend the real Gospel of God no I’m not like if you go to Galatians chapter one verse 10 and you will find out what it said right there also if you a Christian and you love Jesus Christ and you are in a place meaning and and a church would they don’t preach the true Gospel of God you better get out of there running you better run out of there fast because you are going to pay to for what they doing to because innocent people pay for the guilt are all the people what do not be afraid to speak the true Gospel of God as long is you doing the right thing the will of God God bless you

  9. Another JEW SCAM.
    Muslims are fighting and killing Muslims.
    Israeli JEWS are supplying Arms and Ammunition.
    USA JEWS are supplying Arms and Ammunition.
    USA is totally OWNED and Controlled by JEWS.
    In Conclusion:
    Muslims are fighting and killing Muslims and JEWS are supplying FREE Arms and Ammunition.

  10. Hi David, im in Australia and want to know what product helped Mary’s cancer? I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and im sick of being sick.. Pls email me and let me know as i do want to buy the product..
    Thanks Rose

  11. David I think you are a very good man, it seems like we live in a world without any real men left in it. I thought my husband was a good man for 30 years, until he walked out on me for my best friend in 2009. He left me with nothing to live on and after 30 years, 2 children who were raised knowing right from wrong and they’re both college graduates. I had a hard time raising my children, I thought I had a wonderful husband because he never yelled at us or hit us and he worked most of our marriage but he couldn’t get a job for the first 4 years of our marriage during the recession. We lived on nothing until President Reagan’s 2 term and the building started up again. But as I look back on the early days of my marriage, I was pregnant and very sick during both pregnancies. I had a miscarriage in between my children and they were 22 months apart. I see things differently now and I see that he could have worked at McDonald’s and it would have been so much easier on all of us, but he wasn’t man enough to lower himself to get a job at McDonald’s. It was easier for him to let me beg for State aid and back then you couldn’t get anything if your husband was with you. So we lived on $200 a month in food stamps and in a falling down house that was over a hundred years old without heat in northern Illinois. I was always so sick, cold and exhausted but I thought I had a good marriage because he didn’t call me names or yell at me or hit me or our children. Now I know that he just didn’t care enough about us to yell at us. He was happy as long as he had alcohol and pot and I did all the work and went without. From the beginning probably by the time our children were 2 and 4 I found out he was using cocaine and I tried to leave him but my dad and mom wouldn’t let me. I got him off the cocaine but he was still drinking and smoking pot. I was so stupid but I was young and I really didn’t have any support from my parents or anyone. My parents said he’s ours and we have to help him get off of the drugs. He finally got off the cocaine but every few years when we were getting on our feet again he would get back on the drugs and we would lose everything again. We moved out of state and we were doing great. We baught a beautiful house in Minnesota. But I had to pay a $10,000 payment that had ballooned. My mom refused to lone me the money because she said she couldn’t afford it but even if she could my husband was drinking. No he wasn’t that time, but she went out that same week and put $10,000 down on my brother and his wife to buy another larger house because they were having another baby. My brother had been left a nice house from my grandmother. But he was jealous because I had a big house in Minnesota that we had baught ourselves and I worked for it too. I worked for the Minnesota veterans home and my husband was in construction. I went to work hungry so many times so I could afford to make the house payment. My husband was laid off and then he started drinking again and I sent him back home to work for my dad and try to make enough money to pay the $10,000 balloon payment. We weren’t able to make it. I lost my children’s home. But my brother and his wife had a beautiful big house and one they were renting out. We moved to St. Paul into a 2 bedroom apartment in the ghetto. I worked myself to death at the veterans home and one day I woke with every joint in my body swollen up so badly my 10 year old daughter had to help me with a bath getting dressed and she called a cab and went with me to the doctor. I only got to see a nurse practitioner that day I had a butterfly rash too. She told me I had a virus. It cleared up within a couple of days and I didn’t think anything about it. A couple months later I got a sore on my gum on my front tooth that was so painful I couldn’t keep my fingers off of it. I kept touching it trying to figure out what was wrong. It was a purplish reddish ring with a white thin ring around it and a tiny black dot in the center of it. I kept touching it and the whole thing came off of my front tooth and never grew back, but the pain was gone like that. Strangest thing I have ever seen. I kept getting more and more exhausted daily until I had to quit my job. I had caught a cold or something working at the veterans home and I couldn’t get rid of it. My mom kept pestering us to move back home after all I didn’t have a house payment or a job anymore. My husband had finally quit drinking and smoking and everything and he had a good job but my mom insisted that we move back home and he could go back to work for my dad’s business making a lot more money. That never happened. We moved back here and I still wasn’t well I was so tired all the time and I kept getting sores on my legs like I was being bitten by something that would not heal. I worked cleaning my mom’s house 3 times a week while she worked out of town and my dad was a slob. Bless his heart he was a man. But she couldn’t stand to come home to a mess. My husband was working with my father and I don’t know what my brother was doing but he had a new truck and the new home and scuba diving gear and motorcycles and very expensive gun collection a new boat, my mom made sure he had whatever he wanted. I thought he was working for dad too but nobody ever knew what his job was. He just got a lot of money for driving around all day. I found out that before I had asked her to barrow the ten thousand dollars she said I couldn’t have because my husband was drinking that my brother had been in a drug rehab for crack cocaine addiction and she didn’t want him to lose his wife who was pregnant with their 2nd child. Oh my mom was a piece of work. She was a narcissist and so was my brother, he was the golden child and I spent my whole life trying to earn her love. It never happened. I just found this out last year when I thought my brother was a psychopath. My daughter is a Psychologist and reading her books I found out that she was a narcissist and he was her only child. My husband is now living with my sister in law in the beautiful big house. I have had lupus since my daughter was 10 years old and she’s 38 now I also have pyroderma gangrenosum. The sore on my gum and my legs. I had the pyroderma gangrenosum on my hands so bad in 2007 that I was in the hospital for 8 days until they were finally able to figure out what I had. It’s a very rare autoimmune disease as well as the lupus. I found out I have this too back in 07 but I had both when I was 30 and my daughter was 10. I wasn’t diagnosed properly by the nurse practitioner. I could have gotten disability insurance from the veterans home and I wouldn’t be living on $771 a month and dying because I can’t afford to get the things I need to get healthy. I know you probably don’t care nobody does. But I was blessed with a little bit of money. I mean like under a hundred dollars and I want to get the medication that helps people with cancer I’m praying it will help my immune system because I’m dying from lupus. How can I get the CBD oil and how much is it? Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Rosemarie Vernon, Anthony William, this Century’s Medical Medium’s 5 Books are at least 60 years ahead of the Health & Sickness Industry. I was terribly ill from accidents/Pharma/eptsteen Barr Virus and the the medical medium’s book were life saving to me and thousands of other people. Even doctor’s go to him for their own and their families health. His 6th book on cleansing will be out shortly

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