“Black Sky” FEMA Drill Exposed — Coming Aug. 27

Federal drill most likely mimics an EMP attack or the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, follows solar eclipse by two days

(INTELLIHUB) — YouTuber DAHBOO77, a.k.a. Justin Knight, posted a video Thursday warning people of the semi-secret “Black Sky” drill set to take place on August 27, just two days after the solar eclipse.

“FEMA and other alphabet gangs are all sponsoring this drill dubbed EarthEx2017,” Knight said. “They’re going to wargame the effect and responses to the aftermath of a Carrington-like event or rather an incident that’s going to take America back to the stone age.”

One part of the drill has been labeled a “black sky” event.

Knight says he thinks that an “EMP” (electromagnetic pulse) is most likely what the drills literature covers, however, others, like myself, speculate the drill could be based on the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano which, according to top scientists and theoretical physicists, is already long overdue.

“Black Sky” FEMA drill exposed — coming Aug. 27

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