Advanced Super Secret Three-Quarter Mile Tall Wall-Like Structure Spans More Than Ten Thousand Miles Of Seafloor In Straight Line

A massive 3/4 mile tall wall-like structure has been located on the bottom of the seafloor which spans a distance of over 10,000 miles

(INTELLIHUB) — A massive wall-like structure has been located spanning over 10,000 miles of the seafloor on Google Earth, from Antarctica to the North Pole.

The structure appears to be nearly three-quarters of a mile tall and appears to be elevated above the seafloor, held in place by some type of supports.

Gate-like entrances can be found in various places along the wall, some as wide as 8 miles.

What looks like massive tracks can also be seen crossing through these gate-like sections.

The structure emerges from Antarctica’s Glomar Challenger Basin and runs almost due north across the seafloor.

The structure appears to have been a secret, until now.

Advanced super secret three-quarter mile tall wall-like structure spans more than ten thousand miles of seafloor in straight line

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