Two Thirds Of Congress Just Indicted For Trafficking

A massive 90,000 indictments are about to be unsealed, timed by the Trump Administration to be released at the same time as the Mueller Report, implicating almost 2/3 of congress on charges of pedophilia, child sex trafficking and high treason. We have the latest.

Plus… In the first part of our new series “Pedo Loving Presidential Prospects”, we examine Joe Biden, whose accusations of inappropriate conduct with women are the least of his problems. Will the secret surgery he underwent years ago to cure him of hi pedophilic peccadilloes torpedo his run for the White House? We’ll give you the facts.

And… Some alternative news organizations have claimed to have the transcripts of the ongoing military tribunals which began in January. We had them analyzed, and are now making the corrected versions of those proceedings available to you. We’ll tell you how to get them.



  1. So what’s happening at Gitmo? And the other places holding trials?

    Suggestion: at all your websites, put links to all your websites. I don’t know why you need more than one, especially if you do not tell everyone viewing your blogs.

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