Schools To Administer Dangerous HPV Vaccine Without Parental Consent

Many parents have been refusing the controversial HPV vaccine for their daughters…and for good reason…but in the near future schools will no longer seek parental permission before administering the controversial jab.

Parents had previously been asked to give their consent before the human papillomavirus vaccine could be administered to their daughters by school nurses. But this is about to change.

Schools are now set to go ahead with the dangerous vaccinations without parental consent.

What’s worse, schools introducing the HPV jab for boys now as well as girls.

Permission used to be sought as parents were not aware that the HPV vaccine had been introduced to the national immunization program. But now that people know about it, permission is no longer needed, she explains.

The Department of Health and Welfare says about half of 11-12-year-old girls eligible for the vaccination received it in the past 5 years that it has been available as part of the national immunization program.

Parents worry vaccine promotes teen promiscuity

The HPV immunization rate is between 70 and 80 percent, and in some places it reaches as high as 90 percent.

But there are also communities where half of girls aren’t inoculated.

Department of Health officials say asking for permission has given parents pause for thought, leading some to opt out.

Parents may feel their daughters won’t need the vaccine—although three-quarters of women contract the virus at some point in their lives and cervical cancer remains the third-most common form of cancer.

Anti-vaxxer sentiment

Proponents of forcing the vaccines say some parents get caught up in anti-vaccine conspiracies online while others envision their daughters not being sexually active.

Should vaccines be forced on boys and girls without parental permission?


  1. I am totally against this type of draconian measure to poison and kill people but, Trump is moving towards overruling this and is taking steps to eliminate madatory vaccinations, he already stated that flu shots are the biggest scam in the pharmaceutical market.

  2. Trump is correct. The contents of flu shots have been privately studied. Toxic ingredients are found at dangerous levels. These results are criticized by big pharmacy and the media backs up big pharma. Look at who controls the media and you will find out it’s the same globalist who control big pharma and the federal reserve central bank.
    GMO corn has been proven to promote cancer, sterilization yet global Agra disagrees while the people and cattle who eat it continue to get sick and die. And of course the global controlled media reports all is well.

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