Oprah’s Home Raided By Feds

The raging Coronavirus pandemic is being used by the Trump administration as an opportunity to arrest big players in the satanic child trafficking cabal. The latest to be detained in the entertainment industry include Oprah Winfrey, who by many accounts has had her home raided in search of underground tunnels and Tom Hanks, whose involvement in trafficking has been well known for years. Is justice finally being served to those who would harm the most vulnerable among us…innocent children? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!

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  1. It’s African swine flu. You really think China would burn pigs infected…that would be wasting profit you know how cheap dictators act.. also wasting a good virus again they wouldn’t waste that only try to make profit.. million pigs burned hmm Newark new jersey and New York 2019 seized million pounds of illegally imported pork under travel ban. Court logged ship manifest taken ect.. good luck finding leaks lol. They are being closed quickly.Trump Quote I don’t like leaks. Do some research on swine flu in China and how long they’ve supposedly been burning pigs. Then flu shots. Adrenochrome is actually quite toxic to use. It will destroy your body. Close to eating human flesh symptoms but far worse. It will infact accelerate mental degrading overloading your brain similar to mdma overloading your brain.
    Emotional outburst.. a build up and release occasionally.. they are using LSD huge pupils seen numerous times. Seen any flash backs in public covered by the news hmm yup. Even apple guy was seen under lsd.. these idiots actually think lsd trips are reality.

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