Kim Jong-un Executes General By Throwing Him In Tank Full Of Piranhas

North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un has executed a general accused of plotting a coup by throwing him into a fish tank filled with piranhas, according to reports.

The unnamed general, who was accused of plotting to remove Kim-Jong-un as supreme leader, is believed to be Kim’s latest victim, following a string of executions of aides, including his envoy to the US in May.

Kim allegedly executed the general in one of his presidential palaces in Pyongyang, the Daily Mail reports.

The North Korean leader reportedly built the giant piranha tank inside the Ryongsong Residence after ordering aides to develop “new forms of execution” designed to deter would-be traitors.

The victim’s arms and torso were cut open with knives before he was thrown into the tank filled with piranhas imported from Brazil.

Sources said it was unclear whether the general was killed by the flesh-eating fish, died from his wounds or drowned.

The meat-eating fish, native to the Amazon, have razor-sharp teeth which can tear the flesh from a corpse in a matter of minutes.

It is believed Kim and his aides got the idea for the gruesome execution from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, in which the villain Karl Stromberg executes opponents by dropping them into a shark-filled aquarium.

DailyStar reports: Other execution methods have included blasting traitors to pieces with an anti-tank gun, feeding them alive to tigers, beheadings, hangings and burning prisoners to death with flame throwers.

Since Kim came to power in 2011, he is believed to have bumped off 16 senior aides. Hundreds more North Korean citizens have also been killed.

His victims include his army chief, the boss of North Korea’s Central Bank and the ambassadors to Cuba and Malaysia.

In 2016, Kim Yong-jin, the Minister for Education in North Korea, was reportedly executed by firing squad for having a bad attitude.

A UK intelligence source said: “Kim rules by fear. Many enemies of the state are executed in public.

“He wants everyone to know, including his most trusted aides, that they are at risk of suffering a very unpleasant death if he suspects they are treasonous.


  1. Mr. Kim Jong-Un has to answer to the Lord Jesus Christ in the end. Torturing individuals to their deaths is cruel and wrong. God have mercy on his soul when Judgement Day arrives.

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  3. Fortunately for the Tyrants in our Government we live in a Civilized Society that Certain People are held responsible for Murder. It would be nice if Trump could Circumvent the Justice System and just throw our Tyrants and Murder that are in our Government in a Tank full of Piranhas.

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