Coronavirus Second Wave: Families Forcibly Separated, Guns & Bibles Confiscated

A confidential source within the Trump administration says that a second wave of the bioweapon known as the Coronavirus is already here; one more lethal than strain we’re already dealing with. And the government said that the next step in controlling the spread of the virus could involve raiding homes, and separating families by force, including confiscating all firearms and Bibles. David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report!


  1. What information! I had seen what was going on in Wuhan with the second wave of this shenanigans. Burning people alive, try the shoe on yourself why dontcha?

  2. The video states someone deep within the Trump Administartion provided this info, if you want me to believe that than provide a name otherwise it sounds like the “source” came deep within the CNN newsroom !

    I do not believe for one second Trump would allow such a thing to occur as purported in this video . Fear mongering is all this is !
    Shame on you !

  3. Yeah you lost me when you claim that kids died at Sandy Hook. One I Realize that the Government will kill innocent kids people etc. to get their point across they don’t care 911 is a perfect example of that along with the Las Vegas Shooting yes people died just not from a 64 year old guy who carried 27 assault riffles up to a 32nd floor window. It’s clear to me that you are either working for the Government or Hopefully it’s Code to say sandy hook is real knowing that you are getting monitored so you have to say it was real not to get your page taken off. Now Covid19 is a Miracle Cure for all deaths since Covid19 no more Heartaches, Strokes, FLU, Cancer, Liver Disease, car wreaks, falls, DEATHS have accrued now if it was a real pandemic Then if anyone had it well. !!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a never ending cycle that couldn’t be contained before you new you had it you would pass it on to everybody you came I contact with that goes for who gave it to you who gave it to them so on and so fourth. It’s a Hoax now is there going to be a real Virus other than the FLU that was turned around as Covid19 yes duh

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