Woman About To Expose Bill Clinton Found Dead In House Fire

An Arkansas woman who was about to expose for President Bill Clinton was found dead in a house fire after her charred remains were discovered at her burnt property.

Judi Gibbs, a Penthouse model, died in a house fire in 1986 when rumors began to circulate that she was in possession of pictures that proved she and Bill Clinton were regular sex partners.

The new revelations add to a long line of suspicious deaths of people associated with the Clintons, all of which had some sort of dirt on either Hillary or Bill.

The question remains, was Judi Gibbs murdered because she was a threat to the Clinton family’s rise to power?

The DailyMail has pieced together the life and death of Judi Gibbs, telling for the first time how the auburn-haired woman from a pinprick of an Arkansas town managed to bed the man who went on to be one of the most powerful men in the world.

‘I have always been convinced that Bill Clinton was responsible for the fire, but I have no proof,’ Gibbs’ older sister Martha, who still lives in Sims, Arkansas, told DailyMail.com. ‘And what would happen if I had proof – you can’t touch those people.’

At the time of her death, Gibbs was 32 and living with 57-year-old developer Puterbaugh in a large isolated home a quarter-mile drive opposite a tiny airport outside Fordyce, Arkansas.

Their bodies were both found in the huge master bedroom. They died of smoke inhalation.

the question remains  was judi gibbs murdered because she was a threat to the clinton family s rise to power © press
The question remains, was Judi Gibbs murdered because she was a threat to the Clinton family’s rise to power?
Puterbaugh’s son, Randy, who followed him into the real estate business, tells a similar story to Martha Gibbs, even though the two have not spoken since the days following the double death.

‘There are so many pieces of the puzzle.’ Puterbaugh said. ‘I believe it is a possibility that Bill Clinton was involved in their deaths.

‘I know I wish I had hired my own private investigator but I didn’t, so I guess I will never know.’

Judi Gibbs and Bill Puterbaugh died on January 3, 1986. According to a report in the local Fordyce News-Advocate, Gibbs called the fire department at 2.26 am wailing in her Marilyn Monroe-type voice: ‘Bill Puterbaugh’s house is on fire, hurry, you all, hurry.’

Puterbaugh’s body was found by a window. Gibbs was still clutching the phone right next to the king-sized bed.

Local fire chief Roy Wayne Moseley has no explanation as to why the lovers did not manage to get out of the house.

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