With America Now Under A ‘Full-Scale Communist Assault From Within’ And More Warnings Of Civil War In The Air, Should Barack Obama Be Held Accountable For The ‘Deep State Soft Coup’ Attempt Against President Trump?

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

“You know Trump’s good when evil is decloaking to destroy him.”

As we begin the 5th week of the presidency of Donald Trump, we’re witnessing something we’ve never openly seen before in modern US history as parts of the ‘deep state’ goes to war with a sitting president voted into office by the American people according to this recent story from Patrick Buchanan. As we reported on ANP, some believe that such a ‘deep state declaration of war’ upon President Trump is also a ‘declaration of war’ upon the ‘completely free’ American people who voted him into office.

According to civil rights expert and prominent 1st Amendment Supreme Court lawyer Jay Sekulow, Barack Obama himself should ‘be held accountable’ for the ‘soft coup’ attempt we’re now witnessing against President Trump. Has our former president committed sedition and treason? As Jeremiah Johnson reports over at SHTFPlan, the deep state, whether ‘left’ or ‘right’ is one in the same, tyranny: Their goal is the enslavement and complete control of all of mankind.

Will we soon see “who REALLY rules the United States” asks this story from the Free Beacon recently picked up by Zero Hedge? While it’s a fact that ‘public servants working within the deep state’ attempting to harm the president might be considered treason or sedition and possibly punishable by death, a well-armed American citizenry will never be overthrown by ‘corrupt deep-state government’ proclaimed President Thomas Jefferson himself long ago.


And while events of this past week have exposed to all of ‘awake’ America that there are those who like to believe themselves to be much more powerful than they really are, as Alex Jones from Infowars tells us in the first video below, overall, the military is not the threat to America. And for those who blamed law enforcement as the globalists attempt to turn America into a ‘police state‘, our police are not the threat to Americans or liberty, either. As Jones tells us, it’s the people within Congress and within the ‘deep state’ who would use the good men and women within the military and law enforcement agencies to set up an un-Constitutional tyranny here in America who are the threat to ALL of us!

They are ‘the enemies of America and freedom’ within.

As Jones also tells us, we’re now watching the engineered takedown of America via the useful idiots in US streets and members of Congress and within the government who are committing treason against President Donald Trump and America. In the 2nd video below, Steve Quayle joins the Hagmann Report along with Ross Powell to talk with us about this very real attempt being made to get Americans involved in a ‘civil war’ in this country.

Despite the ‘full-scale internal Communist assault’ in US streets that could lead to a martial law takeover of America, Quayle believes that God is using Trump as a ‘prosecuting attorney’, weeding out the ‘enemies of America within’ that were allowed to infiltrate our government and society for many years. As Quayle tells us, “with Trump’s election, we won the battle…but the ‘war’ is still on.”


With President Trump hugely backed by law enforcement officers all across America partly due to his promises to return ‘law and order’ to our ‘lawless country’ as well as by the United States military who were largely ‘eyes wide open’ to what has happened to America over many years, we see the ‘deep state’ is spewing the same nonsense ‘the Russians are coming’ talking points being spewed  by the MSM. With the ‘deep state’ also supporting the same lawless ‘globalist’ positions taken by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, the mainstream media and snowflakes melting down in the streets and newsrooms of America, the warning signs of danger ahead continue to appear in the middle of the road.

With the ‘line in the sand‘ thus clearly drawn, and America already a ‘boiling cauldron’, imagine what might happen in the streets of America should suddenly and without warning, assassins within the ‘deep state’ (who were likely also been behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy) decide to ‘take out’ President Trump. Long believing themselves to be ‘the real power behind the throne’, as Susan Duclos reported on ANP on Thursday, they have thus confirmed another ‘conspiracy theory’ and rightfully ‘blown their cover’.

With ‘enemies of America’ clearly still ‘within’, that very worst-case-scenario could quickly lead to the globalists regaining control as tyranny takes the opportunity to clamp down upon humanity, thus proving that the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right all along. For those spouting off globalist talking points like ‘Trump is Hitler’, President Trump is clearly an America-loving patriot, a firebrand unlike anybody we’ve ever seen before in the Oval office. Thank God for President Trump!


While the MSM calls Trump ‘out of control’ and warns his office and presidency are in the midst of ‘chaos’, we see beauty in the storm that swirls around him. As anyone who’s attempted to make REAL change knows, it’s impossible to get REAL change without axes falling. Can you make lemonade without first squeezing the lemons? And like a hurricane, while it brings destruction, the ‘eye of the storm’ remains calm and hyper-focused. ‘Storm Trump’ also proves many are quite unready for the needed change he brings.

In the days, weeks and months ahead we pray that the ‘deep state’ takes a ‘chill pill‘ along with the rest of the snowflakes melting down in newsrooms and college campuses across America. Americans dealt with globalist, America-hating Obama for 8 full years without melting down like the MSM, deep state and the snowflakes are now.

We also pray that Trump wears God’s armor in the 4 and most-likely 8 years ahead. With ‘enemies of America within’ practically everywhere and surrounding him, a whole lot more axes still needed to fall and a whole lot more swamp still needed to be drained, nobody says the next 4 to 8 years will be easy. Just look at how 2017 has begun!

For those still calling Trump a ‘dictator in the making’ we have to ask you, when was the last time you heard of a dictator urging his citizenry to ‘arm up’ while almost single-handedly taking on the ‘deep state’, the entire political establishment (as Dems and Repubs melted down), the mainstream media, and Hollywood and actually appeared to enjoy doing it?


If prior to this election, YOU yourself had a chance to absolutely WALLOP all of the above mentioned and emerge largely unscathed, would you do it? I know I would, in a second flat, and I know full well I’d take a few cuts and bruises along the way. Think that President Trump won’t? Mike Flynn stepping down was largely just that…another bruise along the way yet as Susan Duclos aptly pointed out in this story, President Trump may have just pulled off the biggest sting in history.

We pray that those who are still melting down in Americans streets and classrooms come to their senses…for 4 to 8 years of acting out cognitive dissonance and self-inflicted madness can’t be healthy for anybody.

With Obama still having more than 30,000 paid agitators thanks to America-hating George Soros and ‘liberal fight clubs’ on college campuses teaching students how to brutalize conservatives and Republicans, it’s clear that now like never before is a time to prepare to defend our own families should danger draw near. And while we’ll continue to pray for peaceful times ahead and an America unified under President Trump in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, as Ross Powell points out in the 2nd video below, all of the problems that we faced as a nation prior to the election haven’t just ‘gone away’.

And with globalists like Obama, Soros and Clinton doing everything in their power to sabotage Trump’s presidency and undermine his vision for America, we should be happy that ‘the enemies of America within’ have exposed themselves for who they are though the ‘war’ continues and is deepening with the constant barrage of attacks being levied against Trump from all sides. As Powell asks us to do, ask ourselves, do we feel like ‘everything is right’ or is does it feel like something sinister is still lurking below the surface?

“Stand up and prepare” we are urged as the world unravels. As has long been warned, when all else fails, they bring us to war. And when it comes to death, war and destruction, there is nothing that our long out of control ‘deep state’, that even President Eisenhower warned us about, does better.


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