Trump To Impose Martial Law

Strange things are happening inside The White House. President Donald Trump may soon be planning to enact Martial Law throughout America.

This means a temporary limit to freedoms for citizens, including curfews, as Donald Trump sets up Military Tribunals for Deep State traitors. As in times past, the punishment for treason is severe, including life imprisonment, all the way up to execution by hanging, for those found guilty of this most serious crime against their Country.

Names like Obama, Soros, Rosenstein, Clinton, Schumer, Podesta, and Hillary, may soon be facing the hangman. Is Donald Trump about to drain the Swamp at last? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this  special two part report!


  1. I’m supposed to be OK with this? I trust Trump even LESS than Obama, Clinton, Bush, or Reagan and I just Can’t quiet rise to the occasion to “trust” any of these …say one thing and do something else …. kinds of people.

  2. david whats happen to martial law are people Hillary Obama struch back at the fbi why are these people running free the Hillary double still running free whats going on

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