The Biggest Conspiracies Of All Time

There will always be conspiracy theories found in everything that happens. Whether true or not, they manage to convince enough people. From how subliminal advertising controls our behavior at Roswell aliens, secret organizations that control the world theories on the terrorist attacks, these theories are true? This remains to be judged by each individual separately. Among these are the following theories:
Vril and Thule secret societies – To understand the connection between esoteric societies, more or less secret, and the phenomenon called “UFO” in the middle of the last century, should we review some notions that seemingly unrelated topic but are closely linked. In 1871 Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the notion of the novel Vril S.F. – The Coming Race. Vril is a Tibetan word which can be translated as life force, life force or vital energy, however, that vibration.
Helena Blavatsky took this concept, and it has used in its occult and theosophical theories. Vril ancient civilizations considered as the highest form of energy in the universe, all other types of energy is only secondary manifestations of this supreme force. In 1919, members of the Knights Templar follower groups had established Vril organization (German: Vril Gesellschaft) based in Ramsau in Germany (near the border with Austria). The Vril Society had come into contact with the Thule Society (Thule-Gesellschaft) who was the origin of the Nazi party. Some members of the Thule organization later became important figures in the Nazi party.
Bermuda Triangle – mysterious, wordless, sometimes fatal. Intrepid researchers dug decades mysteries hidden deep in the labyrinth of the most enigmatic place on earth.
Some speculate that the strange anomalies in time, disappearances and strange phenomena can be explained by natural circumstances. Others insist that the remains of an unknown culture advanced technologies left behind … fantastic energy based devices that effectively beyond space and time and open the gates to other realities.
Currently, Americans and French explorers made a monumental discovery: a pyramid-shaped crystal, partially translucent surfaced from the seabed Caribbean origin, age, and purpose completely unknown.
There are secret bases on the Moon? – The Moon has always fascinated mankind, and it was the biggest challenge for scientists. Increasingly more specialists confirm the existence of extraterrestrial bases on the moon.

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