Soros Arrested: Bush Pleads Guilty To 9/11 – Obama Begs For His Life

Billionaire financier George Soros has been arrested and is being detained in Switzerland for interrogation before being extradited to the United States where he will face a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. George W. Bush pleads guilty to high crimes and misdemeanors including 9/11. Barack Obama being detained at Gitmo, charged with High Treason, begs for his life.


  1. These news just confirms that Jesus sits on HIS throne and no matter how many sun up or sun down the Lord will always bring to light the evil hearts in the government of the United States. America is the the Slaughter House of the Inocent. God will bring them all to justice because the blood of these children cry out to the Lord for justice. These beasts are Satan’s follower and should never see dayligh again.

  2. I sent around to my friends and was told that the Soros picture is a fake. His head put on another body. Any proof that this pic is real. We all want to believe that this is true.

  3. My God I Am 72 And have worked around 17 hours a day getting messages out to America and the Democratic party,crime lords! This are the worst of the worst that I dug up and posted to my President Trump, fellow Americans and people I love dearly, the 80+ murders of the dead pool files by Clintons order. I felt the spirit of the Clinton victims behind me to put their souls to rest and the grief their families suffered. May the families find eternal peace. I feel God sent divine intervention for America. I thank you God now we can rebuild America One Nation Under God!

  4. President Trump is doing an excellent job, done more than any President in 2 years and being tormented by these people who want him to fail. I love him and know God is using him to give our Nation another chance. Lets keep him and his family in our prayers.

  5. Hallo David Zublick,it`s great,you got really the Reallity Show World Wide
    Lies of rule clas.All the lies, they are hiding since Long time,since many,
    many years are coming out.So Keep on Truth because ist our only Treasure we
    are Fighting for, it`S Jesus Christ, because He is real, and everybody who
    loves the Truth.

  6. I believe you meant “source” (not sauce).

    Regardless, me thinks this website is a bunch of malarkey! Clickbait. Don’t fall for it!!!

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