Sandy Hook Researcher Getting Sued For “$55 Million” By Father Of Victim ‘Noah Pozner’?: Update

Judge tells plaintiffs, paralegal, to “stop playing games,” set deposition of Leonard Pozner for Nov. 15

Editor’s note: As of this time the “$55 million” is only a claim by Halbig which has not yet been independently confirmed by Intellihub. We have reached out to Wolfgang Halbig for his comment on this matter. 

(INTELLIHUB) — Critically acclaimed Sandy Hook researcher Wolfgang Halbig told “The Liberty Brother Radio Show” on Sunday that he is getting sued for “$55 million” by Leonard Pozner, the alleged father of the reported six-year-old shooting victim “Noah Pozner,” who allegedly was killed by a 20-year-old lone gunman named Adam Lanza along with 19 other children and six staffers during the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. And I say allegedly because that’s what the entire court case is all about.

After doing years of tireless research regarding the December 12, 2012 shooting, former law enforcement officer, former teacher, and a current school safety assessor and emergency management consultant Wolfgang Halbig maintains that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting never really took place and that no one was killed which is why he is getting sued by Leonard Pozner.

Halbig belives the highly-publicized event was just a drill, part of a federal “Capstone Exercise” that was filmed on “different days” and “edited” for the mainstream media in a manner to capture the general public’s attention.

A Capstone Exercise, also known as a “National Level Exercise,” starts at the presidential level and incorporates an entire community and its residents to participate as “roleplayers” to see just how an actual scenario would play out with the general public.

Halbig first appeared in a Lake County Florida courtroom for the case of “Leonard Pozner VS Wolfgang Halbig” on March 28 where Leonard Pozner’s legal team tried their best to prevent a reporter from from filming the case.

Halbig returned to court for a second pre-trial hearing on Aug. 15 where Judge Don F. Briggs granted him the deposition of Leonard Pozner after heavy pushback from Pozner’s paralegal aide during the proceeding.

Halbig told the judge that Pozner has been avoiding his request for deposition for “over two months” which Halbig said is “paramount” for his defense.

“As a defendant, I am entitled to get a video deposition and I was denied that,” Halbig told the judge. “I need all the exclusive ammo to defend myself, sir.”

Shortly after, Pozner’s paralegal aide submitted a doctors letter which noted that Pozner would not be able to attend a deposition for at least three more months due to his current health condition. However, the judge wasn’t buying it and made clear that he was not “playing games.”

Judge Briggs ordered Pozner’s deposition to be held on Nov 15, just one day after the doctor’s note expires.

Halbig made an appearance on “The Liberty Brother Radio Show” Sunday where he gave more insight into the case and criticized the lack of medical response to the Sandy Hook School shooting.

“Think about this,” he said. “Why would you not ever allow the paramedics or the EMTs inside the school? […] Why?”

“We the people in this country have now relied on 24/7 news as being the truth,” Halbig said. “And we are now too lazy, too ignorant, and I think they know, they are counting on the fact that we are too stupid to do anything […] and I think that is why we are in trouble as a nation.”

Halbig went on to say that law enforcement did a “poor investigation” because they did not even take fingerprints from Adam Lanza’s car or his home.

Halbig claims he has been the subject of numerous death threats and was ultimately forced to shut down his website and social media accounts as a result.

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Sandy Hook researcher getting sued for “$55 million” by father of victim ‘Noah Pozner’?: Update

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  1. I understand that the case was dismissed because Pozner and company DID NOT SHOW UP on 11/15/17 for the hearing. I have only seen this on one site, and I did see on a Florida legal site that the case was dismissed, but nothing else. Can we find out more info? I assume that this is because Pozner truly did not want to answer any of these questions because he can’t give “real” answers. Certainly doesn’t want to do so in a legal environment under oath. I think this is the real proof of the pudding in SH.

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