Report: Sealed Indictments Issued Against Donald Trump, Paul Manafort And Michael Flynn

When it comes to political pundits who claim to have inside sources, I judge them by track record. Liberal pundit Claude Taylor’s sources have recently been proven right about Donald Trump grand juries. Conservative pundit Louise Mensch’s sources have long been proven right on Trump-Russia FISA warrants. So when the two of them say they each have different inside sources telling them the same thing, I listen. And what they’re jointly saying tonight is that a sealed indictment has been delivered against Donald Trump.

Let’s be clear here: this is not an indictment against a Donald Trump associate or adviser, or some other ancillary player. Taylor and Mensch are jointly stating tonight on Mensch’s site that the sealed indictment is against Donald Trump himself (link). The sitting President of the United States cannot be arrested by law enforcement or tried by the Judicial Branch. But as they explain, the purpose of this indictment is to try to kickstart the impeachment process in Congress.

That may sound unlikely, considering Trump’s own Republican Party has a majority in both the House and Senate. But my own stated view all along has been that if damning enough evidence against Trump surfaces in the Russia scandal such that his approval rating falls far enough, the Congressional Republicans in moderate states and districts will have to consider moving forward with the impeachment process in order to protect their own chances of reelection in the midterms. In such case the GOP would put its own interests before Trump. And only around 10% of the Republicans in the House would need to join House Democrats to form the simple majority vote required to begin impeachment hearings.

I ran this evening’s report past a retired attorney, who found it legally valid on its face. So I find this credible, both from a logical standpoint, and more importantly, based on the fact that the inside sources of Mensch and Taylor have consistently proven to be correct. The news outlets that have been ignoring their sources have ended up being months late to important stories. Republican strategist Rick Wilson is vouching for them both this evening, based on their track record of inside sourcing (link). Keith Olbermann then chimed in and pointed out the same (link). So now we see where this goes, but it’s clear things have accelerated in response to Trump’s firing of James Comey.

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