One False Flag After Another – Will The ‘Final Act Of The Tragedy’ Be An Engineered Nuclear War That Exterminates Most Or All Of The Human Race?

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker via Steve Quayle

A false flag attack is an attack by a nation’s ruling elite, usually acting through the deep state, on their own citizens, blamed on a foreign state or a terrorist or rebel group. These are intended to mobilize popular support for laws promising to protect the citizens but actually designed to take away their freedom and increase the power of the state, and/or to start a war with another state or an internal dissident group (and war always leads to a loss of freedom). Our nation has a long history of tragedies that appear very suspicious at the very least, and in some cases (like 9/11) the evidence of a false flag attack is overwhelming. The true origin of the attacks is concealed by the power of the deep state, the controlled media (I call them the slimestream media) and by the unwillingness of most citizens to think the unthinkable.


Our entry into the Spanish American War was instigated by the explosion of the battleship Maine in Havana harbor, blamed on a mine placed by the Spanish, who then ruled Cuba. But examination by divers showed that the damage could only have been caused by an internal explosion; this was later explained as a munitions explosion set off by a fire resulting from spontaneous combustion in the coal bunker. This is possible, but no other US capital ship was ever destroyed by such an accident, and the Maine “just happened” to be in the right place to start a war, and Freemason Teddy Roosevelt, a vociferous warmonger, “just happened” to be Undersecretary of the Navy. The sinking of the British liner Lusitania by a German u boat, killing US citizens on board helped to bring the US into WWI, but the Lusitania was carrying munitions for England, and the Germans had taken out ads in US papers to warn our citizens against traveling on a British ship. Almost all US papers refused to print the ads…have we ever had a free press? Winston Churchill, then an official in the British Admiralty, withdrew the escort vessel that might have prevented the sinking, and ordered the Lusitania to reduce its speed. A rescue vessel was recalled. As for Pearl Harbor, entire books have detailed the massive evidence that FDR and the elites set us up for that. The Gulf of Tonkin incident that gave LBJ the excuse to involve us in the Vietnam War was, to say the least, questionable. While these naval incidents do not meet the precise definition of “false flag,” because our own government did not directly attack our citizens, they are just as vile in nature and serve the same purpose.

Many today have forgotten that 9/11 was the second bombing of the WTC (World Trade Center). The first was a truck bomb placed in the underground parking lot of North Tower on 2/26/93, containing 1,336 pounds of urea-nitrate and tanks of hydrogen. The bombers were a group of Muslims allowed into the US by our own government, despite the fact that Islam’s war on Humanity was already some 1,400 years old. Six people died and over a thousand were injured; had the bomb worked as planned, both towers and adjacent buildings would have collapsed with no warning, killing up to twenty thousand people. Remember, on 9/11 there was time for many people to evacuate the area. Incredibly, our intrepid FBI knew the bombing was planned, and, claiming that they were doing a “sting” operation, let it proceed. Even more incredibly, they refused the offer of the man who had infiltrated the group for them to substitute fake explosive for the real stuff. You do not, I repeat, do not risk twenty thousand lives to do a sting operation. Of course the slimestream media reported almost none of this, and none of the FBI officials involved were ever punished, and the American sheeple continued to graze toward the edge of the cliff.

The Demonic Duo (Slick Clinton and Hillary, whom I call the Witch) were in power when, on their orders or with their tacit approval, the heroic FBI and BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) attacked the “compound” of the Branch Davidians, an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists, who were led by one David Koresh, born Vernon Howell. The federales claimed that the Davidians had illegal weapons (none were ever found, or produced as evidence), and later claimed that they suspected illegal drugs (none were ever discovered). Eventually they added suspected child abuse to the list…not the business of the federal government, and, like the guns and drugs, never proven. The “compound” was located at Mt. Carmel Center Ranch in Elk, Texas, some nine miles from Waco. In a botched BATF raid on 2/28/93 (only two days after the first WTC bombing) four agents and five Davidians died. There were conflicting reports about who fired the first shot. Joined by the FBI, the BATF began a 51 day siege, backed up by an Army helicopter, and finally, on April 19, rammed the main building with a tank, breaching the wall, and pumped in CS gas, a sort of tear gas on steroids, which is highly flammable. Infants and small children in the building, having no gas masks that would fit them, would die in agony from this gas…but something set it on fire, and 76 people, including almost 20 children, died a horrible death thanks to the Clintons and our brave federal police officers. All this, and no drugs or illegal weapons were ever produced. Of course, no one was executed or even imprisoned for mass torture murder and child murder, and Slick and the Witch continued their highly profitable careers. The WTC bombing and the Waco siege and Oklahoma City (see below) served as the perfect excuse for passage of an anti-terrorism bill that Slick wanted, which increased the power of the government. Look up “Reichstag fire.”


The date of the final assault is significant. The first shots of the American Revolution were fired on 4/19, and Hitler was born on 4/20. As we shall see, a number of other horrific events have taken place on those dates. Some students of the occult believe that Satanists have a 13 day period for sacrifices, running from 4/19 through 4/30 (Walpurgisnacht, the witches’ Sabbath, when Hitler supposedly killed himself) and 5/1…Mayday, or Beltane, sacred to the pagans, the Bavarian Illuminati, and the communists.

His blood lust apparently temporarily satiated, Slick waited over two years to bomb the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. This federal office building contained a daycare center, perfect for another child sacrifice. On 4/19/95 (that date again) a rented truck packed with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil exploded, and the building was severely damaged, killing 168 people, including 19 children and infants. The bombing was blamed on an Army veteran, Timothy McVeigh, and his Army buddy Terry Nichols, supposedly indirectly aided by Michael and Lori Fortier. In return for their testimony, Nichols was spared the death penalty and the Fortiers received reduced sentences. McVeigh was supposedly executed 6/11/2001. Retired USAF General Partin, an explosive expert, testified that, powerful though it was, the truck bomb could not have done that much damage. The testimony of workers in the building and the way some support columns were cleanly cut indicates that charges had almost certainly been placed inside the building and timed to go off at the same time as the truck bomb, which was intended mainly to cover up the fact that OKC was an inside job. A seismograph in Enid, Oklahoma picked up two explosions. Bear in mind that security at federal buildings was so tight that only government agents or people approved by them could have placed the charges inside. Many witnesses reported that McVeigh was accompanied by another man, not Nichols or Fortier, but the government chose to ignore this. McVeigh had telephoned Elohim City, a neo-Nazi compound in eastern Oklahoma, and had once been stopped near there by police for a minor traffic violation. The BATF had an informant inside Elohim City, one Carol Howe, who said that McVeigh was an associate of the Nazis, and that a German national in the group, one Andreas Strassmeir, was involved in the bombing. The federales ignored her testimony, allowed Strassmeir to return to Germany, and, incredibly, tried (unsuccessfully) to railroad their own informant into prison. Nichols’ travel to the Philippines (he married a Filipina) and possible contact there with Islamic terrorists was also ignored. Even more incredibly, the BATF had an office in the Murrah Building, but, at the time of the bombing, during normal working hours, not a single BATF agent was in the building, and they initially lied about this, until, caught in their lie, they had to admit the truth…but never bothered to explain their absence. On the day of the bombing local news announcers stated that several unexploded bombs were found in the wreckage. Given the government’s eagerness to blame the bombing on “right wing domestic extremists” it is odd that they ignored the Elohim City connection. And this is just part of the evidence that OKC was an inside job; entire books have been written on the subject.

On 4/20/99 (again, the same dates keep appearing) at Columbine High School in Colorado, two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, allegedly shot dead 12 of their fellow students and one teacher and wounded 21 more. They had a total of five guns, and also planted bombs and propane tanks…how could they do that without being seen? Both conveniently shot themselves before they could be arrested and questioned. Harris had made threats on the web, and Deputy Michael Guerra of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office prepared documents to get a search warrant…but never took them to the judge. A deputy was assigned to the school; normally he ate lunch in the cafeteria, but on the day of the shooting he just happened to be in his truck…and there he stayed. The shooting began at 11:29; police arrived at 11:32; and the killers were suicided at 12:08, and, in all that time, the heroic police and deputies, while firing ineffectively into the building, never stormed the school. Why was the search warrant never requested? Why was there never any explanation by the killers’ parents? How could they not have known about the weapons and explosives, and how did the two teenagers, with little income, obtain all this deadly hardware? Of course, this led to renewed calls for “gun control,” despite the fact that these tragedies usually occur in “gun free zones.”


On 9/11/2001 American Airlines Flight 11 allegedly hit the WTC North Tower, and United Flight 175 allegedly hit the South Tower. American Airlines Flight 77 allegedly hit the first floor of the Pentagon…on the sixtieth anniversary of its construction. Note that multiples of 11 are important to the Masons (as in thirty third degree Mason) and that the ratio of height to base side of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is seven to eleven. It sounds crazy to the rest of us, but the elites take numerology and astrology very seriously. In all the history of steel framed buildings none ever collapsed completely due to fire…until all three WTC towers did on 9/11. The third tower, Building Seven, had been struck only lightly by some debris, starting a small fire…and yet it collapsed. The odds against this are more than a million to one. All three towers collapsed straight down into their own footprints, a feat achievable only by carefully planned and executed controlled demolitions. The fires were not hot enough to melt steel, yet, weeks later, there was still molten steel buried underground in the ruins…think thermite. All by itself the above absolutely proves that 9/11 was an inside job, and only the US government, which orchestrated the cover up, had the power to do the job. But there’s more. For Flight 77 to hit the first floor of the Pentagon, and not fly over or scrape the roof or auger into the pavement in front of the building is a feat that would be nearly impossible for a skilled pilot flying a fighter jet…let alone someone who had hardly flown before, in a huge, multi-engine jet. There was a hole in the Pentagon, allegedly caused by the fuselage of the plane, but no damage to the walls where the engines and wings would have hit. In fact, the engines and wings were never seen or photographed…they had magically vanished. But then the whole plane vanished, for no wreckage or burned body parts of passengers and crew were ever reported, photographed, or produced as evidence. Honorable FBI agents (there were a few) had tried to warn their bosses that Islamic immigrants (allowed into our country by the government despite the experience in 1993) were taking flying lessons and they feared an attack like this. They were ignored, as were the members of the Pentagon’s Able Danger team who had voiced the same concerns. Again, this is but a small part of the evidence. I will say it flat out: the US government, headed by neocon Bonesman George Bush the Younger, committed mass murder of 2,996 Americans to get us into an eternal war in Afghanistan and secure passage of the misnamed “Patriot Act.”

Since 9/11 there have been a number of shootings and bombings that look, to say the least, suspicious. On 7/20/12 some 12 people died and 20 were injured, allegedly by one James Egan Holmes. Like the Columbine killers, he had little income and no known weapons or explosives training, but somehow obtained tear gas grenades and multiple firearms, a load-bearing vest, and a helmet and booby trapped his apartment with more bombs. No motive was ever discovered, and some witnesses reported multiple gunmen. The theater had multiple surveillance cameras, none of which taped Holmes. And it was a “gun free zone.”

On 12/14/12 a young man named Adam Lanza allegedly entered the locked Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut and managed to shoot dead 20 children and six adults before allegedly killing himself. He had supposedly murdered his mother earlier that day. The official story of what weapons he carried and what was supposedly left in his car kept changing, but in the latest version he carried two handguns and a Bushmaster rifle and left a shotgun in his car. He was carrying his brother’s ID despite the fact that he hadn’t seen his brother in two years, and this has never been explained. The official account of how he entered a locked facility also kept changing; in the latest version he shot out a glass pane near the door, reached in, and unlocked the door. Video showed an unidentified man (not Lanza) running through the woods behind the school on the day of the shooting; this, too, has never been explained. A face book memorial webpage was posted for Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto before she was allegedly killed, and a United Way charity page for the Sandy Hook victims was on the web before the shooting. No one reported any blood in the school; the alleged parents were not allowed to see their allegedly dead alleged children; and officials refused to make the death certificates public. Video of some alleged family members showed them laughing and smiling right after the alleged shooting. The school was demolished and rebuilt in the weeks after the event. This marks a new pattern, for it is not certain that anyone died at all at Sandy Hook. It is possible that the entire event was street theater.


Much the same is true of the Boston Marathon bombing, which allegedly killed three and injured hundreds on 4/15/13.Two bombs went off near the finish line and the bombing was blamed on two Muslim brothers, Dzokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, immigrants from Chechnya. Tamerlan supposedly died later in a shootout with police, and Dzokhar was allegedly wounded and captured in Watertown after an hour-long gunfight with police, but his gun mysteriously vanished and there were no bloodstains in the boat where he had hid. On 5/22/13 the FBI interrogated an alleged friend of the Tsarnaevs, Ibragim Todashev, in Orlando, Florida. Claiming he assaulted them, the intrepid agents shot him dead…he will tell no tales. Photographs of the bombing aftermath show many people who appear to be only slightly injured (unless the blood is just red dye) and one man, missing most of one leg, sitting upright in a wheelchair pushed by rescuers. He has no tourniquet and is conscious…this does not compute. In a familiar pattern, our government had let these Muslims into the country, and the hunt for them gave the police an excuse to order citizens out of their homes at gunpoint and enter the homes with no warrants. We are being conditioned to be subjects of the New World Order.

One of the most infuriating aspects of all of this is the way the slimestream media cover up the truth, enabling more such crimes, and the sad fact that in many cases local police and sheriffs had to be involved, at least in the cover-up. And now our glorious Congress, unwilling to repeal Obamacare, has nevertheless passed (with a veto proof majority) a bill increasing sanctions on Russia, sure to destroy any hope for better relations with the other major nuclear power. Perhaps the final act in the tragedy will be, not another false flag, but an engineered nuclear war that will exterminate most or all of the human race. Stay tuned.

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