Mandalay Bay Security Guard’s Private Security Detail Named? May Have DOJ Connection?

Could it be? Is a licensed embalmer by the name of Troy Goff the same security guard that is protecting the “high-profile” shooting victim Jesus Campos?

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — It appears that the red shirt-wearing “On Scene” security guard currently posted at Mandalay Bay shooting victim Jose Campos’s home may be a man by the name of Troy Goff, according to a Facebook profile and other information obtained by Intellihub.

Goff’s Facebook posts date back to 2012 when he posted a “Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons” logo, which leads some to believe that Goff could possibly be a prison guard and may possibly even be assigned to guard Campos who may himself be a suspect in the Oct. 1 shooting. If true, this would prove that the gunman Stephen Paddock may not have acted alone.

(Please note: After this article was published, Goff removed his posts from Facebook — but don’t worry, I anticipated this and took screenshots which I have posted for your viewing pleasure.)

Screencapture via Troy Goff/Facebook

Another picture shows Goff in 2012.

Screencapture via Troy Goff/Facebook

Records from the Arizona Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers indicate that Goff is a licensed “embalmer.”

A man guards the front of Mandalay Bay shooting victim Jesus Campos’s residence, claims that he’s with “On Scene” security. (Screenshot via Laura Loomer/Periscope)

Laura Loomer most recently spoke with the man that appears to be Goff outside of Jesus Campos’s residence last week where the man offered no information about Campos’s whereabouts.

Jesus Campos’s current whereabouts are still unknown.

Additionally, it is important to point out that pictures of Campos that are floating around on the Internet, which purportedly show him after his sustained gunshot wound to the leg, are photoshopped. The question is — by who?

Update: The following video was captured after the time of this article’s publication and is absolutely bombshell! (MUST WATCH!)

Mandalay Bay security guard’s private security detail named? May have DOJ connection?

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