Justice Department Claims That Increasing Traffic Stops By 56% Will Lower Crime


In what can best be described as government sanctioned theft, our justice system has devised a new way to take money and liberty from minorities.

As you will see, police are using traffic citations to help balance budgets and much more.

According to an article by Fox 6 Now,  Milwaukee law enforcement claimed that increasing traffic stops by 56% resulted in a reduction in violent crime.   

Traffic tickets have increased 136 percent

Law enforcement also claims that increasing traffic stops by 136% has got the public’s attention‘. Police chief Ed Flynn said, “we want to keep it so we affect the driving behaviors.”

According to the articletraffic stops have increased 136 percent and traffic stops resulting in a citation have increased 885 percent (from 1,090 in 2016 to 10,733 in 2017)”.

Updated 12/22:

Police plan to expand ticketing to other areas

Law enforcement claims they made so much money it was such a success they plan on issuing more citations in other areas.

“It certainly appears to us this initiative, based on careful crime analysis as well as crash analysis, has produced a favorable outcome,” Flynn told reporters in a parking lot on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

“It will lead us to examine this initiative with a view toward increasing it in the new year.”

Ticketing and spying on motorists is much worse than you can imagine. 

Six months ago, I warned everyone that police stop 50,000 motorists every day or 20 million a year. And two weeks ago, I warned everyone that law enforcement spies on motorists a jaw-dropping fifty-seven different ways

Who is behind the increase in traffic stops?

The Milwaukee Police Department has allegedly been running a de facto ticketing quota system for years.  Last year the Department of Justice and the Milwaukee Police Department joined forces to increase traffic stops in so-called troubled neighborhoods.

Who decided to target these troubled neighborhoods?

It was the leaders of our criminal justice system, those who stand to profit the most from targeting low-income people and minorities.

According to the “Milwaukee Police Department Traffic Safety Plan” (TSP) the Milwaukee Police Department, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services, the Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services Division and the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice all decided the best way to lower crime was to increase traffic stops.

Law enforcement claimed that the TSP was started because there was an increase in juvenile offenders, car jacking motorists, and drug sales out of vehicles, in one single year!

“Consider that between January 1, 2015 and May 16, 2016, 130 juvenile offenders, aged 16 or younger, were arrested two or more times for operating automobiles without the owners’ consent (essentially, car theft), and 27 were arrested four or more times. Equally troubling has been the proliferation of “rolling drug houses” in which drug activity is carried out from vehicles on Milwaukee streets.” 

Did you catch that?

Despite the fact that violent crime is at record lows across the country, law enforcement wants you to believe there is an epidemic of “rolling drug houses” on America’s streets.

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.

An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel claims that drug dealers often steal new vehicles to conduct illegal drug transactions.

Imagine for a moment your GPS directs you to drive your expensive new vehicle through one of these troubled neighborhoods. As you drive past officer Money Hungry, sorry I mean Officer Friendly, he views it as a possible civil-asset forfeiture vehicle that does not belong in the neighborhood. Before you know it the police officer has ticketed you for speeding, failure to signal, etc., and impounds your vehicle.

His job done, the legal system has just acquired a $50,000 vehicle along with fines, storage fees and court fees.

It’s a win-win scenario that is being played out across the country.

Police claim TSP is needed to stop motorists from committing all kinds of money making traffic violations.

Below is a list of  ‘reckless driving that contributes to the overall sense of lawlessness that pervades certain neighborhoods’:

Criminalizing entire neighborhoods and motorists is all about one thing, revenue. Pages 5 and 6 of the TSP reveals the real reason police are ticketing and arresting more motorists, it will increase revenue.

Page 8 reveals how they planned to expand the ‘Community Prosecution Unit’ (CPU) program to deal with the 885% influx in new citations. They also discuss how they plan to incarcerate more juveniles and establish a ‘Boot Camp-Style boarding school.’ (Clickhere to find out how the CPU program puts Assistant DA’s in every police department.)

And who would monitor this massive increase in citations, money, and arrests you ask?

Why the police of course. They set up a ‘Police Department Board of Estimate’ to oversee everything!

Thanks to Attorney General Jeff Sessions we can expect to see more law enforcement money making programs like these crop up everywhere.

Whether it is civil-asset forfeitureProject Safe NeighborhoodData Driven Anti-Crime PreventionTraffic Safety Initiativeor Broken Windows Policing, they all have two things in common: targeting minorities and revenue generation.

Policing in America is becoming more and more about revenue and control than it is about public safety.


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