Is JFK Jr. Alive? Is He ‘Q’?

The questions surrounding the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. continue almost 20 years after his private plane vanished on its way to Martha’s Vineyard. Why were there no autopsy photos allowed? Why were the alleged recovered bodies buried at sea by the navy?

Did JFK Jr. fake his own death? Is he alive and living in disguise as a Trump supporter named Vincent Fusca, who has been seen at many of Trump’s rallies? Is JFK Jr. the infamous “Q”, helping the president through cryptic messages to take down the deep state whose goal is to overthrow our constitutionally limited republic? In a special two part report, David Zublick unlocks the mystery of JFK Jr.


  1. The players that are destroying this country and world are from the left and right, democrats and republicans. This must be repeated.

  2. Let’s get a little macabre here tonight. I’ll be peddling this photo of the supposed deceased John F, Kennedy,Jr. being taken out of the crashed Saratoga plane he supposedly was flying in with his wife Carolyn and sister in law Lauren Besset! It is hard to look at but there is something very strange looking about this supposed body! Look closely and you see a swollen face, that really doesn’t resemble JFK,Jr. at all. And John-John had a goodly manly chest of hair on him, as seen in numerous photos of him. Where’s the chest full of hair down to his belly button in this photo?! Don’t tell me the fish eat it, or it got blown off by the force of the collision! This my friend seeking the truth, is NOT the body of JFK,Jr.! I don’t know who or more likely what this picture is showing, but it is NOT JFK,Jr.! So where is he? ALIVE!!!

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  1. Ist JFK Jr. am Leben? Ist er "Q"? -

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