How The Matrix Of Fear Keeps Humanity Under Control

Increasingly modern society is leaving a significant proportion of people unhappy and unfulfilled. And most of them don’t quite know why or what they should do about it. From birth, people are conditioned through the media and societal pressures to think a certain way, look a certain way and to act a certain way. They are also taught that this is what they need to do to be happy.
Escaping The Matrix Of Fear
The governments and authorities of the world all use the matrix of fear as a means of controlling the populace. Through subtle suggestion and subterfuge, accepted ideas can be changed and what people consider to be normal behavior can be influenced and altered. This keeps the people docile and essentially allows them to be controlled, or at the very least all behaving in the same way so that their actions can be predicted.
Work hard at school, get a good job, buy products advertised on television and behave the same as everyone else, and be as happy as all the people portrayed in the media doing the same. For many people, however, this is not the key to being happy and only by breaking free of this matrix of fear can they ever truly be free.
The fear, in this case, comes from not being viewed as normal by the rest of society, and the idea that by not adopting all the behaviors that everyone else is exhibiting to be happy, individuals will never achieve happiness themselves.
Those with the courage to break free of this conditioning and think for themselves as an individual soon realize that the key to being happy and contented is through being an individual.
As Edwin Harkness Spina writes:
“The Matrix can be defined as the world that we perceive, which includes the physical world, as well as higher planes of emotions and thoughts, which also affect us.”
Some people tell themselves that they will be happy once they get married, or once they get that promotion they have been working towards, or even when they retire and they can do what they want. For most though these goals even when achieved offer nothing but emptiness. A new goal becomes the focus and happiness aren’t achieved by the act of getting to a certain point or set of circumstances because true happiness has to come from within.

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