Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails Recovered As Trump Relaunches Investigation

FBI sources confirm they’re in possession of former secretary of state’s emails

Hillary Clinton ‘s 33,000 missing emails have allegedly been ‘recovered’ as the s the Department of Justice relaunch their investigation into the former secretary of state.
According to the former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Paul Sperry, FBI sources have told him they have now found the missing emails. Sperry Tweeted a link to the New York Post article confirming what the FBI had told him.
 President Donald Trump followed by retweeting Mr. Sperry’s article, confirming the claims that had been made. Speculation that the recent fire at the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s home in Upstate New York may have been something to do with destroying further damning evidence linking the Clintons to criminal activity.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently demanded a fresh investigation into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One deal, as investigators began asking FBI agents to explain evidence they found in the now-dormant criminal inquiry. According to Nypost.com For months now, we’ve been told that Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails were permanently erased and destroyed beyond recovery.
But newly released FBI notes strongly suggest they still exist in several locations — and they could be recovered, if only someone would impanel a grand jury and seize them.
In a May interview with FBI agents, an executive with the Denver contractor that maintained Clinton’s private server revealed that an underling didn’t bleach-clean all her subpoenaed emails, just ones he stored in a data file he used to transfer the emails from the server to Clinton’s aides, who in turn sorted them for delivery to Congress.
The Platte River Networks executive, whose name was redacted from the interview report, said PRN tech Paul Combetta “created a ‘vehicle’ to transfer email files from the live mailboxes of [Clinton Executive Services Corp.] email accounts [and] then later used BleachBit software to shred the ‘vehicle,’ but the email content still existed in the live email accounts.”
Unless one of Clinton’s aides had the capability to log in to the PRN server as an administrator and remove a mailbox, her archived mailboxes more than likely still reside somewhere in that system. And they may also materialize on an internal “shared drive” that PRN created to control access to the Clinton email accounts among PRN employees. PRN has been under FBI order to preserve all emails and other evidence since the start of its investigation last year.

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