Government Officials Call For UN Peacekeeper Troops Deployed On US City Streets

United Nations ‘Blue Helmets’ requested to end ‘genocide’ in Chicago

Top government officials have requested drastic measures to tackle violence city streets in the United States and are in discussions with the United Nations about deploying “Blue Helmet” Peacekeeper troops in Chicago.

The calls have come from Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin in response to what he calls the “quite genocide” as the city of Chicago has racked up over 3,400 shootings and over 650 homicides this year.

Boykin outlines his plans to reach out to the UN Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Support, Oscar Fernandez-Taranco, to request “help” with “horrific levels of shootings” in Chicago.

If the organization’s assistance is approved, it would mark the first time a United Nations peacekeeping mission was implemented on American soil.

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