Florida Shooting Witness: ‘There Was Definitely Another Shooter Involved’

In the video (below) Miednik said: “[…] the fire alarm went off and the principal came on the speaker and just said ‘everyone needs to evacuate right now,’” she explained. “As I was going down the stairs I heard a couple of shots fired.” “Everyone was freaking out saying it was a gun, then, as we were walking, the whole class together, I was actually speaking to the suspect, Nikolas Cruz” Miednik physically motioned her fingers to quote the word “suspect” The incident is now the deadliest school shooting since 26 were massacred at the Connecticut school Sandy Hook in 2012.

Following the deadly shooting at Stoneman High School Flordia where the alleged gunman, Nikolas Cruz, opened fire leaving 17 people dead – a surviving student has come forward claiming that there was “definitely another shooter involved.” Alexa Miednik told reporters that she spoke to the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz in the hallway right before the shots were fired int he building, before saying she knew there was definitely another shooter. It now looks like the mainstream media and authorities are now actively “covering up” that there was another shooter, which could point toward yet another false flag.

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