FEMA Search & Rescue worker admits his Denver-Based Team Arrived To Manhattan 1-Day Ahead Of 9/11

Did FEMA have foreknowledge of 9/11?

LOWER MANHATTAN (INTELLIHUB) — A Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Task Force worker by the name of Tom Kenney admitted during a live broadcast of a Sept. 13, 2001 CBS News segment titled: “Attack On America” in which he admitted to journalist Dan Rather that his Denver-based Urban Search & Rescue team had arrived to Manhattan the night prior to the attacks and was able to quickly spring into action the following morning as scheduled.

The rescue worker said that FEMA had provided his team with adequate training to be able to go into extremely dangerous areas of the debris pile at the World Trade Center following the attacks.

“Nobody is being place in jeopardy for this operation,” he said. “However, it’s still being conducted as an actual rescue.”

Soon after, Kenney appears to have slipped up when he told CBS News: “To be honest, we arrived on late Monday night and went into action on Tuesday morning and not until today did we get a full opportunity to work the entire site other than the spot […] which we were deployed.”


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