Chris Cornell Was Murdered, Says Close Friend

A close friend of Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell claims the late singer may have been murdered, in what appears to be a cover-up by those closest to him.

According to the friend, who posted his revelations anonymously online, he was the first person to see Chris dead in his MGM hotel room. The scene of Chris’ death resembled a murder scene, not a suicide.

Posting on GLP, the anonymous friend says:

Chris’s own personal security guards deeply sensed that something was wrong in his hotel room, and were doing everything they could to gain access to the room. The door to his room was locked, and only he(Chris) had a key. His security personnel, one in particular called MGM security to the room, told them he knew Chris was inside and that something was wrong, they begged MGM security to open the room and allow them in. MGM security called the commanding officer of that shift, and apparently that person vehemently denied them access.

At that point Chris’s personal security took matters into their own hands, and the one I spoke of earlier actually busted in the door himself. Upon entering it was obvious Chris was not in the main room, and the bathroom door was closed and locked. It was at this point that my source, who is obviously MGM security, decided to step in so no more damage would be done to the room. He/she unlocked the bathroom door and was the first to see Chris’s body.

The conversation with this person was quick and I wasn’t able to ask all the questions I wanted to, YET. So far all I’ve been told is that he was indeed on the floor deceased, and the obvious cause was strangulation. The device used in the strangulation was also present, it was not a rope or bed sheet, it was a black exercise resistance cord with handles at each end.

This is all I have at the moment due to the timing of the conversation. My source has been put on sick leave for mental stress, and was given an all expenses paid trip out of the country for the next week. I have a lot of questions for this person that I will be able to get answers to when he/she comes home.

1. Where was his body, how was he laying?
2. Was he naked, clothed, or partially clothed?
3. Where was the exercise cord in proportion to Chris’s body, was it around his neck, lying on the floor, or hanging from the shower head? (I’ve been in those suites many many times, my fiance and I frequent MGM and are known by staff. There are no shower curtain rods, the showers have glass doors so the only apparatus that could have been used for self-inflicted asphyxiation is the shower head).
4. Did it seem to be odd in any way, was it obvious that it was self-inflicted, or did things look and feel out of place?

These are the questions I have so far, and I will be back in touch with my source to ask them as soon as possible.

If there are any questions that my GLP Brothers and Sisters have, please add them here over the next cpl days, and I will compile a list of all of them. I will get as much intel as possible as soon as I can.

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