CHEMTRAILS Exposed On Discovery Channel

Could our government really be spreading toxic chemicals through our air? Believe it or not-it’s true; even Discovery Channel has reported on them.

Not only are these chemtrails dropping toxins on the people and the Earth, that reeks havoc on the body and environment, they have a greater purpose. The government, under control of the ‘deep state’, is hazing the skies so the sun cannot shine through, thus making it colder outside. They are trying to kill the crops to put the farmers out of business!


They want you to eat Their GMO food and drink Their tainted water

As soon as you see blue skies, be sure to LOOK UP because soon the planes will be criss-crossing to haze the skies.

READ MORE: Deadly Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency Caused by Chemtrails/Geoengineering 

Have you noticed….The sun don’t shine like it used too!!


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