Brennan Urges Deep State Spies to Use Altered Whistleblower Complaint Form To ‘Report Trump

Former CIA Director John Brennan has urged intelligence officials to use the new whistleblower form to report President Trump following the anonymous CIA officer who snitched on Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

“A reminder to federal officials: There is no limit on the number of individuals who can use the whistleblower statute,” Brennan tweeted on Saturday.

“If you think you were involved in unlawful activity as a result of a directive from Mr. Trump or someone doing his bidding, now is the time to report it.” reports: The whistleblower form was changed within the last year shortly before the CIA officer filed a complaint against President Trump in August using second-hand gossip and fake news media reports as his ‘sources.’

The Deep State Intelligence Community secretly gutted the whistleblower form and now allows the complaint to be filed with second-hand knowledge — previously, whistleblowers were required to be eyewitnesses or to have first-hand knowledge of alleged misconduct.

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon told Lou Dobbs on Friday that this new whistleblower form is dangerous and we must find out who approved of the change (Sue Gordon?).

Rumors are swirling that the Deep State whistleblower is a John Brennan protégé who was planted inside of the White House to spy on President Trump and thwart the Spygate investigation.

“Rumors swirling the anti-Trump whistleblower was one of Brennan’s old CIA humps detailed over to — planted inside — the White House to spy on Trump and help thwart the investigation of #Spygate which also involves Obama DOS/FBI/CIA skullduggery in Ukraine,” investigative reporter, Paul Sperry said in a tweet on Thursday.

Attorney Bakaj wants to keep the identity of the CIA operative who compiled the fraudulent report on President Trump’s call to Ukraine private.

The CIA operative wants to remain anonymous as he plots a coup against the president based on rumors and lies.

And now Brennan is calling for an onslaught of anonymous Deep State spies to snitch on Trump after his first coup attempt using the Russian collusion canard failed.


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