Bombshell: Declassified CIA Memo Reveals Pentagon Had Zero Justification For Iraq War

When the then president of the united states, George W. Bush, began the invasion of Iraq, he supported it with a more than 90-page long document detailing why Saddam Hussein needed to be dethroned. Now that the document has entered the public arena some discrepancies have been noticed between its contents and Bushes comments.
Secret Report Casts Doubt Over Reasons For Iraq War
A major reason for invading Iraq was because they had developed nuclear weapons and were concealing them. The evidence of these claims was meant to be contained in the reports.
After the truth had been revealed and the Government was accused by Congress of over estimating the threat Hussein posed as there was not enough evidence to justify their actions.
The document, titled the National Intelligence Estimate or NIE, was made available to the public to some extent in 2004 but it was heavily redacted. Eventually, transparency of government activists was able to obtain a full version.
Another claim that had been made was that Iraq’s government had strong ties with the terror group Al Qaeda. However, CIA reports show that this was based on questionable sources of information and was a shaky accusation at best.
Other claims leveled against the middle eastern nation before these revelations included the sending of anthrax poisoned envelopes to US government officials, but these are now also heavily questionable.
Critics say there should have been a higher level of skepticism from the public at the time however this can be easily explained by the panicked state that existed after the terror attacks of 9/11. Those now denouncing the initial move to invade Iraq include ex-CIA employees such as analyst Paul Pillar.
The war in Iraq still continues to this day, and it has come at a great cost with many lives lost and a bill to the US taxpayer of more than $800 Billion.

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