Assassin Blows Whistle: ‘Clintons Hired Me To Kill People’

A self-confessed former drug runner has blown the whistle and made a series of astonishing confessions, claiming that he was hired by Bill Clinton to kill David Kennedy, as well as providing “muscle” for the Clintons during Arkansas drug drops in the 1980s.
Billy Jack Haynes made the admission in a shocking confessional video in which he explains that the murder of Seth Rich in 2016 triggered him to come forward. Haynes says he feels he must ensure justice is finally delivered to the crime family responsible for so many deaths.
Guided by his conscience, Haynes contacted Linda Ives, the mother of Kevin Ives, one of the boys killed in Arkansas in 1987 in the unsolved “boys on the tracks” murder, and confessed to her the part he played in her son’s death.
Kevin Ives, 17, and his friend Don Henry, 16, were murdered in Alexander, Arkansas on August 23, 1987. Their bodies were then placed on railroad tracks to be run over by a train.
Until now, the murders of the two boys were unsolved. haynes claims he worked as paid muscle for the clintons © press Haynes claims he worked as ‘paid muscle’ for the Clintons

Over the last thirty years, rumors and evidence linking certain individuals to the murders have surfaced. Evidence pointed to involvement by Saline County Politicians, Law Enforcement Officers, and even very high ranking State and Federal Officials.
Now Kevin Ive’s mother has hired a private detective who is working with two cooperating individuals who have confessed that they were on the tracks the night of the murders.
Both witnesses tell chilling stories about what happened that night and provide disturbing details about the murders and the coverup. Haynes, one of the cooperating individuals, has now chosen to go public in order to force the long-running case to a conclusion and deliver justice to the parents of the murdered boys.

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