Antifa Behind Amtrak Train Derailing In Washington

Violent leftist group ‘poured concrete on the railway tracks’
Evidence has emerged that violent leftist terror group Antifa was behind the derailing of the Amtrak train in Washington. The devastating crash has left several people dead after the derailed carriages fell down onto a busy highway.
Now, it appears that the George Soros-funded terrorist organization had intentionally caused the “accident” by pouring concrete onto the railway tracks.
Antifa recently called on followers to derail trains and even posted how-to guides on how to cause a train crash in Washington. In a public statement, they endorsed “pouring concrete on to train tracks to counter fracking in Olympia.”
On June 28th, ANTIFA proudly tweeted the following statement from their “official” account: “Here we endorse crimes like pouring concrete on train tracks. We also include a how-to video at bottom of article:…“
Authorities have despatched a “strike team” to the location of the crash, which suggests it’s being treated as an act of terrorism. At this point, only light reports have emerged as to the motives in the mainstream media.
According to ABC News, the Amtrak train carriage plummeted onto the Interstate 5 highway about 60 kilometres south of Seattle before 8am local time on Monday.
There were about 78 passengers and five crew members on board, Amtrak said, when the train, travelling about 130 kilometres per hour, derailed.

The speed limit on that stretch of the track is 127kph, according to the the state’s transport department.

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