America’s Scary New Secret Weapon Could Cripple An Entire Enemy City Without Any Physical Damage

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HEAVY explosions and damaging gunfire are no longer the answer to modern warfare, with the armed forces developing a new weapon capable of crippling an entire enemy city.

The US Army is currently working on a non-explosive electromagnetic pulse artillery shell, which would be capable of rendering a wide range of electronics, critical infrastructure, and computer-based systems as useless.  

A new army research proposal has detailed how America’s next secret weapon may be deployed.

“[This weapon] provides an alternative attack vector for the neutralisation of an adversary’s underlying industrial, civil, and communications infrastructure without the destruction of the hardware associated with those systems,” the proposal read.

The army has a three phase plan for the development and deployment of the electronic warfare weapon.

Phase one will see the army design a prototype for an electronics subsystem that will be incorporated into standard military weapons.

“The initial design will fit in a 155mm projectile, with a transition path for size reduction to allow incorporation of multiple non-kinetic effects (NKE) submunitions per projectile,” the proposal read.

Phase two will see further development and tweaking of the weapon system, with evaluations to follow.

“[The next step will] explore, implement and demonstrate advanced non-kinetic attack techniques. Develop test methods and evaluate the system performance in the field,” the proposal read.

Phase three will see the weapon being prepared for mass distribution.

“The final NKE electronics system will support a number of commercial communications protocols,” the proposal read.

“The ruggedised, hardened electronics subsystem may be transitioned to a wide variety of industrial and civil applications that call for operation in extremely harsh environments.”

The effectiveness of such technology is yet to be seen, although it is scary nonetheless.

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