A Guided Tour Inside A Massive Underground Complex: Captured On Video

Is there something more to this massive underground complex than meets the eye?

KANSAS CITY (INTELLIHUB) — Youtuber “Brandon Robinson” takes viewers on a guided tour of SubTropolis, a vast underground commercial complex tucked into the hills of Missouri.

As Robinson pulls up outside of the complex he notices that there are about twenty different flags representing various nations around the world.

A sign over a vehicle entrance marked “8300” reads: “Maintenance and construction entrance, authorized personnel only.”

“So I guess this is what separates the men from the boys,” Robinson could be heard saying as he drove into the cave.

Once inside, a “Hunt Midwest” logo could be seen painted on the wall.

“Completely 100% self-sustainable,” he said, also pointing out that the river is nearby.

“They use this every day just like it is a normal daily thing,” he said. “I mean this place is huge.”

Along the way, many doors could be seen leading to “small businesses.”

A guided tour inside a massive underground complex: Captured on video

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