Woman Believing To Be Alien-Hybrid Claims ‘ETs Taking Over Earth’

Some very interesting news is on the air. A French woman named Lisa went into public in video platform Youtube in “Earth Mystery News” and claimed that she is the baby of a Human-Alien experiment and she is the hybrid result of that.
Now, normally this would spread many kinds of talk among people, specially among curious people who want to know what is going on out there. Because the government is not people anything about this mysterious things and whatever information they give people can’t very much really upon that because they have their agenda and mind thoughts.
This Women can’t very well speak English at all. She was telling a story to her friend in French that how she feels lonely and thinks she doesn’t belong among other normal earthly people.A normal person when he hears about this story he is gonna say ‘what’s the proof.’ Well about this matter there is always a shortage of proofs, but people can have their interpretation of things if he listens to all the theory and statement given by this woman that raise some questions surely.
She truly believes she is a hybrid of something extraterrestrial and has some hint of the quality of the aliens. It is her believe that the human side is far more controlling in nature about her being a hybrid, cause if there any hybrid they can be very much disguised as an ordinary people and other people won’t know about it. They would eat sleep walk and talk like us, but there is some internal difference of her that separate her from other people. Like they believe –
*That hybrid can read others peoples thoughts.
* They feel they don’t belong in this world and often gets called to their home space to their ancestors.
* They claim that they have other worldly dream.
* Some claims it’s their outer body that gets affected by hibernation like they are very tall, they have blue or green eyes and gaze into people’s eyes in a different way.
There have been two sides of the coin one thinks that it’s impossible others believes that it has true that alien took some people through UFO and experimented and impregnated them for various amount of reason like they want spies within human to know us and collect information and data about us from government or any other people who matters. “I have a reason for being here and it is a little different than other people but I feel there are a lot of people like this. There is something to be done. We need to change things and it’s a very heavy burden to have.”

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