US Official Records Reveal Top Secret Base Housing Aliens And UFOS!

There are tons of conspiracies regarding government involvement with extraterrestrial beings of all kinds of races. Many say ETs have a treaty with the US government with a terrifying plot in the works.
Perhaps one reason for our modern technology could be knowledge given to Earth’s scientists by these aliens and it allowed us to develop powerful computers and machinery. Where in exchange, aliens can experiment on human “cattle” and do as they please. There have been countless reports of abductions where people tell of gruesome experiments done to them.
Recently, there have been declassified reports of top secret military base built on an US national park. There are also eye witnesses that tell of humans and ETs working there, UFOs and advanced air crafts roaming around and people being eaten by aliens.
Could these underground facilities be housing human cattle, aliens and secret technology? Watch the following video to know more!

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