‘Planet Nine’ Could Be An Alien Intruder To Our Solar System

There are several mysteries in the world we live in and of course in the solar system surrounding us. But perhaps one of the greatest and most compelling mysteries surrounds a planet that wasn’t known to astronomer decades ago. This is, of course, the mysterious and elusive planet that has been nicknamed Planet 9. There have been actual reports by astronomers that there have captured the planet and there is film online of it. But unfortunately, these pictures aren’t capturing all there is to know about the planet and some still question whether this footage is real because the film isn’t too good. There is a reason to be skeptical, after all, if Planet 9 does exist where did it come from and why hasn’t it been seen in the past?
Planet 9: Where Did it Come From
There has been much research into the origins of Planet 9 and how it came to be seen in our solar system on occasion. One group of researchers from the University of New Mexico reported their theory of the origins of Planet 9 at the 229th American Astronomical Society meeting that took place in Grapevine, Texas. Their findings are that Planet 9 had come into this solar system due to the gravitational pull of our sun. According to this theory, the planet known as Planet 9 is just one example of stay planets outside our actual solar system that was pulled in temporarily then are pushed out yet again. Which could explain why not everyone seems to be able to find Planet 9 out thee, it could be coming in and out periodically.
Planet 9: An Alien Space Probe?
But there is another theory that has come out about Planet 9 as well. This one is that Planet 9 isn’t a planet at all but an Alien space probe. Given how elusive the planet has become perhaps a theory that is understandable. Especially since no one as of yet has been able to produce any concrete data on Planet 9 and it’s atmosphere. So far the only things known about Planet 9 that has been documented is that is around 17 times larger than the earth and yet smaller than Neptune. Needless to say with so little to go on Planet 9 remains a mystery. But it’s a mystery that many astronomers want to unravel. The research into Planet 9, where it came from and what it’s composed of continues. There are those who believe that 2017 will be the year that they will uncover the mystery of Planet 9, only time will tell if they are successful.

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