Do Reptilians Exist, Evidence for Underground Reptoid Aliens on Earth (Video)

The history of Reptoid beings on Earth, he believes that as recently as around 52,000 years ago, reptilian humanoids ruled the planet, though they lived underground. They saw the Earth as their planet, and evolved from the dinosaurs. Reptilian humanoids reportedly have a more subtle density, as they can appear as transparent or travel through walls

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Descriptions by witnesses of the reptilians or “reptoids” show some variation though they are typically described as 7-10 ft. humanoids with reptile-like features such as three-fingered claws and vertical-slit pupils, with a demeanor that can run from benevolent to aggressive.

The reptilians may have sought out refuge underground after Earth underwent climate changes. This research, which is pulled from witness testimony, cultural/religious legends, and ancient accounts, suggests that the reptoids are indigenous to the Earth.


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