It Begins: Florida Resident’s Firearms, Ammunition Confiscated Under Gun Control Law

It Begins: Florida Resident’s Firearms, Ammunition Confiscated Under Gun Control Law

The guns and ammunition of a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point, Florida, resident were confiscated by police in what is reportedly the first such seizure under gun control laws signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) last week. More »

Google’s Search Results For Questions About Parkland Shooting Are Different From Other Search Engines

Google’s Search Results For Questions About Parkland Shooting Are Different From Other Search Engines

Google may be the world’s most popular search engine, but it has also been the subject of a number of accusations in recent years that it is purposefully censoring searches and influencing results. More »

Multiple Arrests Made After Police Bust ‘Ritual Animal Sacrifice’ In Texas Home

Multiple Arrests Made After Police Bust ‘Ritual Animal Sacrifice’ In Texas Home

Texas authorities discovered dead and dismembered animals in a West Bexar County home after receiving calls that animals were being sacrificed. More »

Pope Francis Says His Words ‘Overrule The Bible’

Pope Francis Says His Words ‘Overrule The Bible’

Pope Francis has responded to claims that many of his teachings “contradict Bible teachings” by saying that his words “overrule” anything written in the Bible. More »

Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe

Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Back To The Universe

After someone dies, “their soul comes back to the universe, and it does not die.” More »


FBI Admits It Got Tip On Florida Shooter In January And Didn’t Follow Investigative Protocol

Today, the FBI released a statement in which the agency admitted it received a tip about Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, but did nothing with the information. From the shockingly honest (if you believe the official narrative) statement: On January

Bombshell Report Exposes The Creator Of The Fake News Narrative

By Joe Joseph Sharyl Attikisson has done it again, and this time she takes on the likes of Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt, and President Obama in her latest TedX Talk. This is a can’t miss read and watch. Spread this far

Here’s The REAL Reason The Schiff Memo Was Blocked

The Trump administration announced last week that they would not release the Schiff  memo unless national security and law enforcement concerns were met.  “Trump will not approve of releasing Dem memo, per person with knowledge. Instead, he will tell legislators that memo

You Won’t Believe The Cause Of Russian Plane Crash – And Why

Two Russian citizens set to testify against Hillary Clinton have been killed in an “inexplicable” plane crash in Moscow, according to reports.  Sergei Millian, a Belarus-born businessman who has worked with the Trump Organization and was reportedly a key source in

Trump Just Found Out Who’s Betraying Him

The White House have named Sen. John McCain and CIA director John Brennan as leakers of classified intelligence designed to undermine the Trump administration. Shortly after Trump was elected, and before he was sworn into office, Brennan participated in a

North Texas Teacher Dies After Receiving Mandatory Flu Shot

A North Texas teacher has died from complications from the flu this week after being forced to receive a mandatory flu shot at the school she worked at.  Heather Holland, a second-grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School, died a needless death

Hell Freezes Over: How The Church Of Satan Got Cool

Disappointingly, Chelsea Clinton has denied she and her husband practise satanism. Her tweet wishing the folks at the Church of Satan a happy new year should not be taken as endorsement of the dark lord’s manifold heresies. One hopes that

Illuminati Taught Young Women To Trade In Sex

“For every genuine case of men sexually harassing women, there are probably ten cases of women using sex for advancement. Helen Gurley Brown made that strategy explicit.” -Reader   The Illuminati taught women to trade in sex. Now they initiate

Unhinged Rosie Accuses Trump of Having an Affair With THIS White House Staffer

With no proof whatsoever, Rose O’Donnell has spread another wild, half-baked slanderous rumor regarding President Trump. On Friday, the unhinged “comedian” started a rumor, presenting it as “fact,” on her Twitter feed, claiming President Trump is having an affair with

Wikileaks Reveal Clinton Ties To Rothschilds And Occult Cabal

The Wikileaks classified email dumps have exposed Hillary Clinton for what she really is – a member of the infamous Rothschild family’s inner sanctum, with occultist beliefs.  Lending further credibility to the idea that Presidents are not elected but are

Engineered Market Crash: Who Ordered The Controlled Demolition And Why Now?

State of the Nation The single best way to wreck the President’s day is to crash the stock market.  The POTUS has frequently pointed to the market’s steady rise as an indicator that America is doing great under his economic

Forbes FBI/DOJ Corruption Article Mysteriously Vanishes – Did The Deep State Disappear Definitive Timeline Off Established MSM Website

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine One of the most definitive Annotated timelines, of “Biased FBI and DOJ Officials Broke The Law And Tried To Decide The Election,” published at Forbes on February 5, 2018, by Thomas Del Beccaro, who

As Medical Experts Warn ‘Worst Yet To Come’ With ‘Flu’ Already Killing 4,000 Americans A Week, Deep State Will Allow Tens Of Millions Of Americans To Die To Get Out Of The Mess They’re In

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die According to this new story over at Valley News Live in North Dakota, what is being called ‘the flu’ is now responsible for the deaths of as many

Melania Trump Hired Exorcist To ‘Cleanse White House Of Obama Demons’

First Lady Melania Trump demanded the White House undergo a complete exorcism, with “pagan idols and demonic artifacts” from “the Clinton and Obama years” removed from the premises before she would set foot in the building, according to White House

When Prepping Becomes Survival – Overlooked Skills And Equipment For Extreme Emergencies

By Kevin Samson It is an interesting phenomenon that very often people perceive prepping and survival as completely different categories; readers might even have seen that distinction on various websites they’ve browsed. That perception can create gaps in various emergency

Don’t Look Up: ‘Astonishing Number’ Of Viruses Float Down On Us From The Sky

VANCOUVER — This study will make you think twice about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air. A team of scientists from around the world confirmed millions of viruses rising into the atmosphere, traveling — sometimes for thousands of miles

The Individual VS. Globalism

Jon Rappoport “Global solution” means the individual is cut out of the equation, he doesn’t count, he doesn’t mean anything in the larger scheme of things, he’s just another pawn and cipher to move around on the board. This is

Scientology Facilities Shut Down, Cops Find Patients Held Prisoner

A pair of US Scientology rehab facilities in Tennessee run by members of the Church of Scientology have been shut down after police find “psychotic” patients held against their will as prisoners. The church provided a path to wellness program

“What Do We Do About Data?” Bodies, Brains And Minds: THE Products Of The 21st Century

By Catherine J. Frompovich Have you ever wondered why there are so many data collection apps and all sorts of collection sites tracking consumers’ online presence, purchasing habits and patterns, social interactions and travels, etc.? The most probable answer, I

State Now Assumes All Homeschoolers Are Child Abusers, Reveals Plans For Involuntary Home Visits

By Rachel Blevins Lawmakers in the state of California are now pushing for families who homeschool their children to be subject to involuntary home visits from state employees—treating those parents with the same oversight and involvement that they would give