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Top Scientist Claims Human-Chimp Hybrid Was Born In Florida, Then Killed

A renowned scientist claims that a human-chimpanzee hybrid was born in a Florida lab 100 years ago before being killed by alarmed doctors. According to psychologist Gordon Gallup, the world’s first “humanzee” baby boy was created in the 1920’s at a research facility

Evidence To Prove Moon Landings Were Real Goes Completely Missing From NASA

Waking Times Nearly fifty years after the first moon landing in 1969, many people still wonder if any of the Apollo landings actually happened at all. The Apollo astronauts who’ve since been asked about their expeditions have maintained the moon

Scientist Believes The Human Microchip Will Become “Not Optional”

Technologies designed specifically to track and monitor human beings have been in development for at least two decades. In the virtual realm, software programs are now capable of watching us in real time, going so far as to make predictions about

The Federal Government is Using Tracking Tech to Monitor License Plates Nationwide

By Derrick Broze In another example of the growing use of surveillance technology by the United States government, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency now has access to a nationwide license plate recognition database. Last week The Verge reported

ABC Pro-Flu Shot Doctor Admits Daughter Hospitalized After Flu Shot

ABC News doctor Jennifer Ashton, who has been pushing the flu shot every day on TV, has admitted her daughter was hospitalized with flu shortly after receiving the flu shot. As ABC’s Chief Medical Correspondent, as well as a columnist

Doctor Speaking Out Against Vaccines ‘In Fear For Her Life’ After Death Threats

A well-known doctor fighting against Big Pharma for the truth behind vaccines is now fearing for her life after receiving death threats. Dr. Suzanne Humphries received a detailed death threat in an e-mail message on the night of January 18th, 2018. The email

AI Systems Quietly Take Full Control Of Human Destiny

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are quietly taking over global banking and insurance systems, and are set to completely eradicate humans in all areas of life-changing decision-making.  On January 25th, 2018, John Naish wrote an engaging report for the Daily Mail focussing on

FDA Approves AI That Predicts Your Death

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the very first artificial intelligence (AI) computer that can predict when a human will die with pinpoint accuracy.  The computer monitors a patient’s vitals to help forecast death within six hours of

Frankenstein Science Is Alive And Well Using Vaccines, Chemtrails And Microwaves

By Catherine J. Frompovich This article has been days in the making as my computer censors at Microsoft, I feel, have been messing around with it and my computer Operating System.  When I had this article almost finished, while periodically

USAF Begins Massive GPS Blackouts In The Western US During Largest Ever Air War Drill

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden The United States Air Force is launching its largest-ever three-week premier set of air war drills, called Red Flag 18-1, starting on Friday and will conclude February 16, said the 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs.

STUDY: Over 30% Of All ‘FDA-Approved’ Drugs Have Grave and Deadly Side Effects

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist Close to one-third of drugs approved by the FDA are found to have safety problems, according to a research report from The Journal of the American Medical Association. JAMA’s report stated that these safety issues,

Your Cell Phone Is A Psychotronic Weapon Of Mass Mind Control

By Peter A. Kirby Modern telecommunications usually involves devices that can both send and receive wireless signals. These devices are also almost invariably capable of producing and receiving signals that affect our moods, thoughts, and bodily functions. Your cell phone

Congress Quietly Pushing Bill To Require National Biometric ID For “ALL Americans”

By Matt Agorist Earlier this month,  Rep. Bob Goodlatte [R-VA-6] introduced H.R.4760 – Securing America’s Future Act of 2018, a sweeping bill that entails everything from Education and the Workforce to Homeland Security to the military. Also, tucked away in this

Google Insider Reveals Secret ‘Speech Police’ Unit

An anonymous Google insider has revealed that a secret ‘speech police’ unit operates within the company, tasked with censoring controversial opinions online.  Over 100 nongovernment organizations and government agencies are employed by Google to help quietly remove ‘extremist content’ –

Autopsy Reveals Tom Petty Died From ‘Dangerous’ Big Pharma Painkillers

Three months on from the death of legendary rocker Tom Petty, an autopsy has revealed that the true cause of death is the result of the singer being prescribed ‘dangerous’ Big Pharma painkillers.  “Petty had a mixture of fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam,

Are There Parallels Between The Recognized Opioid and Ignored Vaccine Disasters?

By Catherine J. Frompovich The Philadelphia Inquirer published “Philadelphia sues opioid drugmakers over role in ‘public health nightmare’” which, ironically, can and should set legal precedent and action for similar lawsuits to be filed against the U.S. Centers for Disease

What If the Hawaii Missile Attack Had Been Real? Here’s What It Would Have Looked Like

The Organic Prepper Last weekend, residents of Hawaii were terrified when they were abruptly awakened by a message on their phones and televisions warning them that a missile was inbound and that they should seek shelter immediately. For 38 long minutes, residents

Did A Mysterious Beam Weapon Hit Michigan?

Footage has captured what appears to be some sort of beam weapon lighting up he sky over South East Michigan and causing a massive explosion on Tuesday night. Residents in cities across Michigan reported seeing a bright and colorful flash as

Is Your Child Smarter Or Dumber Because Of Microwave Technologies?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Parents are overjoyed when their two-year-olds ‘master’ computer games and cell phones.  They interpret that as “look how smart my kid is!”  Well, that’s really not the take-away message parents should be coming up with.  Maybe

BOMBOGENESIS: Geoengineers Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction Against America

California Droughts and Deluges, Firestorms and Mudslides are all Manmade, so was the “Bomb Cyclone” of 2018 Cui bono? Weather Warfare Enters a New and Dangerous Era State of the Nation A “bomb cyclone” is certainly no fluke of Mother