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The Fourth Turning: Summer Of Rage And The Total Eclipse Of The Deep State

Soros-backed DNC footsoldiers to wreak havoc in American cities this summer “If you do a worldwide survey of eclipse lore, the theme that constantly appears, with few exceptions, is it’s always a disruption of the established order,” said E. C.

‘Aliens Exist’ – CIA Agent’s Area 51 Deathbed Confession Goes Viral

The deathbed confession of a former CIA agent and high-ranking military official has gone viral after the 77-year old government insider revealed that aliens exist on earth and the US government has been desperately covering up the evidence. During the

Court Sets Ominous Precedent: Informing Jurors Of Their Rights Is Now ILLEGAL

By Justin Gardner Big Rapids, MI — As constitutional rights are steadily eroded in the U.S. through the burgeoning police/surveillance state, one case in Michigan provides an example of just how dire the situation has gotten. Keith Woods, a resident

Man Jailed For 180 Days For Refusing To Give Police His iPhone Password

By Rachel Blevins Should Americans face jail time for refusing to surrender their passwords to police, or is the request alone a violation of their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination? According to one judge in Florida, the former is the

In Wake of UK Terror Attacks, Government Ready To Seize Control Of Internet

By Jake Anderson In the wake of the second alleged terrorist attack in England in as many weeks, Prime Minister Theresa May is calling for new Internet regulations and the suppression of digital tools that facilitate online “safe spaces” where

Is The Ebola Vaccine A Genetic Bioweapon?

Activist Post – by Catherine Frompovich What’s happened to the Ebola hemorrhagic fever, which has been renamed Ebola virus? According to this video Ebola has been genetically engineered as something deviously sinister, which probably can be labeled as “Ebola Gate” according

12 Signs The Economic Slowdown The Experts Have Been Warning About Is Now Here

By Michael Snyder Since the election there has been this perception among the American public that the economy is improving, but that has not been the case at all. U.S. GDP growth for the first quarter was just revised up

Derrick Broze: Is Anarchy Coming To Your City?

By Rory Hall Central banksters, central planners and governments in general have grown up over the past 4-5 decades believing they own the citizens and have the absolute right to dictate every aspect of our lives. They don’t. Unfortunately, what

JetBlue Joins Delta In Push Toward Biometric ID; Partners With U.S. Customs And Border Protection

By Nicholas West We are accelerating to a full-on police state where “papers please” is set to be replaced by a less-intrusive biometric scan. It appears that, once again, what many people believed would be restricted to border control measures

Why We’re suing The Government For Records About Geek Squad Informants

Law enforcement should not be able to bypass the Fourth Amendment to search your devices A federal prosecution of a doctor in California revealed that the FBI has been working for several years to cultivate informants in Best Buy’s national

In 1971 It Was Admitted Vaccines Contained A Cancer Causing Agent

U.S. government admittedly administered cancer tainted vaccines in the 1960’s and 70’s despite health risks (INTELLIHUB) — Would it surprise you if I told you that the U.S. government was aware as early as 1965 that vaccines contain cancer causing

White House Petition To Investigate Seth Rich Murder Goes Viral As Reward Tops $345K

By Jack Burns With the former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, asking questions about the bizarre killing of a Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer in 2016, the murder mystery surrounding Seth Rich has taken an interesting turn. A White

Seth Rich’s Cousin: ‘He Knew Something’ Cryptic Tweet Deleted As Dem ‘Crisis Communications’ Agent Melts Down On Twitter Over DNC Staffer’s Murder Exposure

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine ANP was going to wait until tomorrow to follow up on Sunday’s explosive news about the DNC staffer that was murdered last July amidst the Wikileaks revelations about the DNC and the Clinton

With Warnings Of ‘Much Worse To Come’, Are Our Enemies Preparing To Use ‘Food As A Weapon’ Against America?

The ‘Vicious Cycle’ Lives On As Cowardly Warnings Of ‘It Has Only Just Begun’ Ring Out By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die On the very same day the horrific and cowardly terrorist attack upon

These Stories PROVE Just How Quickly Everything Can Change – If The Authors Of This Book Are Correct, ‘Destruction’ Is Coming To America

– THIS Is Why We Prepare: ‘It Was So Sudden, It Threw Everyone In To Complete Chaos’ By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die In this new story over at the Yucatan Times they report

Peace Through Mutual Blackmail: Is That What’s Happening In Washington?

By Jon Rappoport In the last few days, the campaign to impeach Donald Trump has quieted down. We’ll see what happens; but is this breathing space and pause the result of a stalemate? Do both sides have “control files” on

A Shadowy Corporate Lobby Is Quietly Trying To Ban Protesting Across The U.S.

By Sarah Cronin So many anti-protest bills have been passed since Trump’s election that the ACLU has launched its own interactive map just to track the legislation. At the writing of this article, at least 25 bills have been introduced

How Snoopers Can Photograph The Inside Of Your Home … With Your Own Wi-Fi

Off the Grid News – by Daniel Jennings It is now possible to take 3D pictures of the inside of a room or building — from the outside — with Wi-Fi. The technology, described in the journal Physical Review Letters,

Minnesota Archbishop Tells Court He Thought Pedophilia Was Legal

Pedophilia and child abuse is so widespread and normalized among Catholic priests that one archbishop did not even realize it was against the law, according to court documents. Archbishop Robert Carlson, who is embroiled in a child sex cover up scandal,

Whooping Cough Outbreak In Alabama Spread By Vaccinated Children

The Alabama Department of Public Health has confirmed that an outbreak of pertussis – also known as whooping cough – in the state was caused by children recently vaccinated against the contagious illness. The number of people with confirmed whooping cough has risen