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The Charlottesville False Flag Operation Was Staged To Destroy Trump… …As Well As To Decimate And Dismantle The Patriot Movement

State of the Nation As the facts come rolling in from those who were actually present at the Charlottesville protest, it’s clear that the entire event was a staged false flag operation. Because of its sheer complexity, it had to

“Black Sky” FEMA Drill Exposed — Coming Aug. 27

Federal drill most likely mimics an EMP attack or the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, follows solar eclipse by two days By Lexi Morgan – 08.17.2017 @8:08 PM EDT (INTELLIHUB) — YouTuber DAHBOO77, a.k.a. Justin Knight, posted a video Thursday

Remote Viewing Secrets Revealed By Government Psychic Spy

The practice is called ‘Controlled Remote Viewing’ because “the viewer has control over her or her own abilities.” As such, Buchanan clarifies that, as an RV instructor, he is not teaching students how to be psychic, since the ability is

The Radical Left Funded By George Soros Planning More Racially-Fueled Attacks In Seattle, Baltimore And Kentucky

As we reported to you over the weekend, the radical Left terror groups Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are funded by George Soros. In Virginia, they turned a white nationalist rally into a bloodbath by inciting violence and being the

Roger Stone: Flynn Has Deep State Pedophile List

According to political operative and Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn is sitting on a list of Deep State pedophiles, and will use that list as protection against attempts to harm him, his family and the president. In

Charlottesville Mayor Declared City ‘A Capital Of The Resistance’ To President Trump Back In February As Globalists Push America Towards Martial Law And Chaos

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die Back on February 1st of 2017, Mayor Mike Signer of Charlottesville, Virginia declared his city “a capital of the resistance” as hundreds rallied then on their downtown mall

Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted In Charlottesville

There was nothing haphazard about the violence that erupted Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia. State police and National Guardsmen watched passively for hours as self-proclaimed Nazis engaged in street battles with counter-protesters. ProPublica reporter A.C. Thompson was on the scene and

Former Clinton Employee: Charlottesville Planned By DNC – More Coming

A former Clinton employ believes that the Charlottesville attack was planned by the DNC and has warned that more attacks are coming. According to Larry Nichols, the Democrats are planning to do whatever it takes to impeach President Trump within

Panic Buying Grips America Ahead Of World War III: “Never Seen It At These Levels, We Can Barely Keep Up”

Leading preparedness distributor discusses equipment flying off the shelves As is often the case, most people wait until the last minute to prepare for the worst. As reported by CBS Detroit, one Army Surplus store owner reports that preparedness equipment is

Former CIA Operative Threatens Trump With Murder, Admits Deep State War

Deep state war on Trump openly promoted Update: The CIA operative threatening Trump also worked DIRECTLY with Robert Mueller at the FBI. (INTELLIHUB) — In yet another stunning display of the very real deep state war being waged against Donald

Deep State’s Expert Hitman Takes Aim At Target Donald Trump

How is Mueller appointed special counsel? He was selected to cover up the 9/11 inside job as FBI Director for 12 years!  And he carried out his secret mission with extraordinary stealth and success; after all, the 9/11 perps are

Former US Marine And Navy SEAL Predicts ‘Gruesome Massacre’ Ahead If ‘Enemies Of America Within’ Try Coup vs President Trump

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die “Anti-American subversives involved in ANY WAY in an unconstitutional coup against our President will be run down and executed immediately by the world’s most supreme warriors. There will

Microchipping Humans: First They Traded Freedom for Security, Now It’s Privacy for Convenience

By Claire Bernish If a steel truth exists in decades of technological innovation, it rests firmly in the convenience provided society — indeed, while the mother of invention had long been named necessity, a prodigious marketplace bolstered iniquitously by acceptance

Russians to Investigate If Moon Landings Were Faked

By Melissa Dykes Man’s supposed greatest achievement is becoming a comically bad cover-up. In this video, Melissa Dykes from Truthstream Media reports on a Russian investigation into the alleged Apollo Moon Landings.  With more and more evidence mounting that the

This Mysterious Military Spy Plane Has Been Flying Circles Over Seattle For Days

A very unique USAF surveillance aircraft has been flying highly defined circles over Seattle and its various suburbs for nine days now. Nobody at the DoD seems to know who the aircraft belongs to or what exactly it is doing

Disney Accused Of Illegally Tracking Children Via Apps In New Lawsuit

The suit claims Disney is violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. A San Francisco mom says her child was illegally tracked while using the Disney Princess Palace Pets app. Amanda Rushing, on behalf of her child referred to as

It’s Here – Geoengineering Now Normalized as Scientists Spray Chemicals to Dim the Sun, Soak Up CO2

Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish Undeterred by steep cost and the interminable controversy on the very concept of global warming, scientists will again experiment with geoengineering — as a means to bolster the effect of cloud cover by seeding the

Facebook Shuts Down Controversial Chatbot Experiment After AIs Develop Their Own Language To Talk To Each Other

Daily Mail Facebook has shut down a controversial chatbot experiment that saw two AIs develop their own language to communicate. The social media firm was experimenting with teaching two chatbots, Alice and Bob, how to negotiate with one another. However, researchers

‘Insidious Plot’ To Overthrow America Reveals A ‘Tsunami’ Is Coming And The ‘Dark State’ Rats Are Getting Off The Sinking Ship

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die While the mainstream media and much of the ‘lunatic left’ scream ‘Russia’, one of the greatest challenges facing President Trump in the days, weeks, months and years ahead

One False Flag After Another – Will The ‘Final Act Of The Tragedy’ Be An Engineered Nuclear War That Exterminates Most Or All Of The Human Race?

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker via Steve Quayle A false flag attack is an attack by a nation’s ruling elite, usually acting through the deep state, on their own citizens, blamed on a foreign state or