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Chelsea Clinton Says Satanism Is A Religion That Deserves Respect

Chelsea Clinton has described Satanism as a “religion” that “deserves our respect”, as the “Satan-gate” scandal continues spiraling out of control, threatening to derail the spawn of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s budding political aspirations. The 37-year-old Clinton, fired back at critics

Ron Paul: America Is About To Meet ‘Sudden, Cataclysmic End’

Republican Ron Paul has warned that America is about to meet a “sudden, cataclysmic end”, and compared the United States in 2018 to the final days of the Roman Empire. In an outburst live on TV the Texas representative argued

Black Ops Agent Claims He Was Paid To Bomb OKC in the 1990s By Deep State; Hours Later Has A Car Crash

Activist Post – by Aaron Kesel Former independent Black Ops Contractor Robert “Cody” Snodgres took to the airwaves early last month to allege he was offered a massive $1 million dollar paycheck from the CIA to bomb the Alfred P. Murrah Building in

Guantanamo Bay Ordered To Prepare For ‘High-Level’ American Prisoners

President Trump preparing to send high-ranking US citizens to detention camp President Trump has ordered the notorious Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba to prepare for “high-level” American prisoners, according to a new Military of Defense report. The MoD report

60 False Flags Admitted By Presidents, Politicians, Government Officials & Spies

Conspiracies that have been exposed and proven as fact The idea that a major terror attack could be a “false flag” is often played down as a “wild conspiracy theory” by governments and mainstream media. For those who believe that

Facebook Admits It Is Deleting Accounts Under Orders Of Israeli And U.S. Governments

Facebook has admitted that it is now deleting user accounts under orders from both the Israeli and U.S. governments. In September 2016, journalist Glenn Greenwald uncovered evidence that Facebook executives were secretly meeting with the Israeli government to determine which

Only Trump Can Destroy Deep State

President Trump is the right man for the job who showed up at the perfect time Love him or hate him, Donald Trump was probably the only one in America who could begin the process of knocking down Deep State. SOTN

JFK Assassination Co-Conspirators Revealed, Top Decision-makers Gave Themselves Away

False Flag Shooting of President Kennedy Ordered by the Usual International Terrorists Who explicitly ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy? The answer is obvious to anyone who studies false flag terrorism. “President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in

How Much Death And Destruction Awaits Us In 2018?

Paul Craig Roberts The New Year is one full of economic, political, and war threats. Among the economic threats are stock, bond, and real estate markets artificially pumped up by years of central bank money creation and by false reports

Evidence Suggests Bitcoin Is Psyop To Roll Out One-World Currency

Evidence has emerged that Bitcoin is the creation of the NSA and was rolled out as a “normalization” experiment to get the public familiar with a digital one-world currency.  The creation of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are to speed up

Bitcoin Exchange CEO Kidnapped, Feared Dead

The CEO of one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges (EXMO) is missing and feared dead, following his kidnapping in Kiev this week. Pavel Lerner was pulled into a black Mercedes Benz by a group of anonymous armed men wearing

Will The Next UFO Disclosure Be “Biological Threats From Outer Space?”

by Jon Rappoport — December 26, 2017 That may sound like a misguided question. But let’s look at Tom DeLonge’s company, currently acting as a conduit for new UFO revelations. DeLonge (twitter), a famous musician (Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves) has

MMR Vaccine Causes Seizures In 5,700 U.S. Children Annually

Physicians for Informed Consent Finds MMR Vaccine Causes Seizures in 5,700 U.S. Children Annually Los Angeles, Calif. — The California-based nonprofit organization, Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), recently reported in The BMJ that every year about 5,700 U.S. children suffer seizures from the

Federal Programs are Helping Local Police Buy Surveillance Drones

By Michael Maharrey Local law enforcement agencies around the country are acquiring drones at a dizzying pace, often with financing from the federal government, asset forfeiture, and in some cases, private grants. According to a report released last spring by the Center

DHS Announces Program To ILLEGALLY Scan Our Faces—And They’re Forcing Us To Pay For It

By Rachel Blevins As TSA agents continue to prove their incompetence in the “War on Terror,” the Department of Homeland Security is now allocating $1 billion in taxpayer funding to create a facial recognition program that will illegally scan Americans’

Road Rage Explained? Cell Phone Radiation Lowers Impulse Control, Disrupts Blood Brain Barrier

Activist Post – by BN Frank Drivers exposed to high radiation levels when phones try to stay connected to towers. Mind blown yet? Cell phone radiation adversely affecting the brain (and everything else) is not breaking news.  There has been

US Banks Begin Closing Customer Accounts Caught Using Bitcoin

It appears that the crackdown on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has begun, with US banks closing down accounts of anybody caught using them.  Lakestone Bank and Trust customer Jordan Spencer posted a letter he received on Facebook, in which the bank

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories That Turned FACT In 2017

By Matt Agorist In 2013, Professor Lance Dehaven-Smith—in a peer-reviewed book published by the University of Texas Press—showed that the term “conspiracy theory” was developed by the CIA as a means of undercutting critics of the Warren Commission’s report that

New Gift-Wrapped UFO Revelations From The Pentagon: What’s Going On?

By Jon Rappoport You’re walking through a sea of misinformation, disinformation, lies, speculation, goofball theories—and suddenly, the wise men behind the curtain decide to reach out and hand you unvarnished facts that blow your mind. What’s going on? We have

Alt Media Journalist Broke a Story Before Local News, So She Was Arrested, Charged With Felonies

By Matt Agorist Laredo, TX — If you report a story before the police department is scheduled to release it to local media, you can and will be arrested and charged with a felony. For those who seek proof that alternative