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HPV Vaccines: The Pharmaceutical Menace Promoted As Prophylactic Medicine

By Catherine J. Frompovich The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization generated some information in 2014, subsequently republished online by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, which was titled “Disclosures of interests”—“Primary End-points for

With iPhone’s New FaceID, Cops Can Unlock Your Phone by Pointing at Your Face—While You’re Cuffed

By Matt Agorist On Tuesday, the world watched as Apple unveiled their tenth-anniversary special edition iPhone, the iPhone X. While iPhone boasts a newer more secure phone—using its patented new facial recognition system—Internet sleuths were quick to point out the

The Self-Driving Vehicle Future Will Be The End Of Privacy

By Derrick Broze Will the ongoing transition to self-driving cars come at the cost of passenger privacy? On September 6 the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill which spurs on further development of autonomous vehicles, but civil liberties advocates fear

High Ranking CIA Agent Blows Whistle On The Deep State And Shadow Government

By Aaron Kesel A CIA whistleblower, Kevin Shipp, has emerged from the wolves den to expose the deep state and the shadow government which he calls two entirely separate entities. “The shadow government controls the deep state and manipulates our elected

Implanted Microchip To Replace Credit Cards, Car Keys

A microchip embedded under the skin will replace credit cards and keys according to Stephen Ray, who has already overseen a program for Sweden’s largest state owned train operator that allows customers to scan their chips instead of using tickets.

The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease And Plum Island

In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the origins of Lyme disease and how it appears to be linked to Plum Island secret government biowarfare research done with ticks and other animals. Aaron & Melissa Dykes are

Explosive Lawsuit Shows Saudi Arabia Funded A “Dry Run” For 9/11—2 Years Before Attacks

By Matt Agorist For the first time since that fateful September morning 16 years ago, families of victims of the 9/11 terror attacks are using a new law and are going after Saudi Arabia in lawsuits for their role in

16 Years After 9/11 And US Govt Has Proven They “Hate Our Freedom” Just As Much As Terrorists

By Matt Agorist “They hate our freedoms: our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.” – George W. Bush addresses the nation on September 20, 2001 — 9 Days

America’s Willful Negligence Concerning The 9/11 Attacks

By Joe Giambrone Since December 2002, at the latest, it became glaringly obvious that certain individuals in the US government had lied about how the 9/11 attacks had come to be. When the Bush administration censored the official congressional investigation, the

September 11, 2001: Questions To Ask If You Still Believe The Official Narrative

By Tony Cartalucci The attacks of September 11, 2001 (9/11) left nearly 3,000 dead in NYC, Washington D.C. and over Pennsylvania. The attacks transformed America into a deepening police state at home and a nation perpetually at war abroad. The

Explosive ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Confirmed By Whistleblower Shatter Matrix And Prove Something Is Very Wrong In America

– With Globalists Dark Agenda Now Public, They’re Unleashing The Full Fury Of Their Satanic Plans For America By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die While back on November 8th of 2016, a hugely ‘awakened’

America Burns And Floods As ‘Signs Are In The Heavens’ – ‘Unbelievable Times, Unprecedented Events And A Final Scenario’

– ‘And Now, Intentionally Leaked Files Ensure Our Destruction’ By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die With large parts of California now being reduced to ashes, the world’s largest firefighting aircraft has been grounded by

SPIDER: DARPA’s Program To Create A Web Of Miniaturized Spy Satellites

By Nicholas West As if merely working on ways to create tiny satellites that can see every square inch of the the planet isn’t creepy enough, DARPA is funding a project that literally evokes a planetary web of surveillance: SPIDER.

Bilderberg On Steroids – Meet The Secret CIA-Funded Group Behind The “War On Terror”

By Rachel Blevins Bilderberg has gained a reputation as the world’s most secretive group of billionaires and political leaders who conspire to impact global events—but reports indicate that they don’t hold a candle to another group that includes a host

Lawsuit Alleges Disney Apps Spied On Kids Without Parental Approval

Children were unknowingly spied on by up to 40 Disney apps, lawsuit alleges (INTELLIHUB) A new lawsuit filed in a federal court alleges that Disney apps spied on kids and their personal information and data without parental consent, according to a

Scientist-In-Charge Of Yellowstone Volcano Observatory Steps Down, Packs Bags, Leaves Park

Did the scientist take a new job offer or is something going on at the park that we need to know about? (INTELLIHUB) — Yellowstone Volcano Observatory head scientist Jake Lowenstern has stepped down from his post after 15-years after being “offered the

Documents Show Cloud Seeding Operation DURING Hurricane Harvey, Did It Amplify Its Impact?

Documents leaked to me earlier today seem to suggest that there were cloud seeding operations going on in West Texas on August 24th one day before Hurricane Harvey hit nearly destroying some areas of Texas, flooding whole neighborhoods. Thanks to

State Department Official Linked To Hillary Clinton Found Dead

The body of a missing State Department official, and Hillary Clinton associate, has been recovered from the Potomac River in the District of Columbia following his mysterious disappearance. Diplomatic Security Special Agent Kurt Smolek, 45, had been declared a “critical

Author Warns Nibiru Is About To ‘Destroy Earth’ This September

In September planet Nibiru is going to crash into Earth – killing all humans within a matter of seconds, according to author David Meade. David, who wrote the book Planet X: The 2017 Arrival, says that the apocalypse is due

Kendall Jenner Claims Victoria’s Secret Models Are ‘Illuminati Call Girls’

Kendall Jenner told friends and close associates at Sofia Richie’s birthday party that Victoria’s Secret models are “Illuminati prostitutes” who are “degraded on a daily basis” by “the worst kind of guys – followers of Satan.” “You wouldn’t believe what