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Doctor Says We Now Share Our Planet With New Species Of Humans

A doctor claims she has found evidence of a new species of human beings living among us who have superior cognitive abilities due to their alien DNA.  Dr. Mary Rodwell, a hypnotherapist and ufo expert, says she has spent years

Author Warns Nibiru Is About To ‘Destroy Earth’ This September

In September planet Nibiru is going to crash into Earth – killing all humans within a matter of seconds, according to author David Meade. David, who wrote the book Planet X: The 2017 Arrival, says that the apocalypse is due

Witnesses Report Flying Reptilian Over Chicago

Multiple witnesses in Chicago have reported seeing a reptilian humanoid creature flying in the sky over the last ten days. According to the Manuel Navarette of UFO Clearinghouse, the first sighting took place on July 20th, at 5 p.m.

Massive ‘UFO’ Lurks Beneath Antarctic Ice, Scientists Claim

Scientists believe they have found evidence of a massive UFO lurking beneath the Antarctic ice in an area called Wilkes Land. The mysterious anomaly lurks beneath a frozen area that spans 151 miles across and has a depth of over

Britney Spears: ‘Prince William Is Not Human’

Britney Spears has told close friends and staff that Prince William is a reptile who shifts between human and reptilian form during moments of heightened arousal. Explaining that she had a “cyber romance” with Prince William before he was married,

Canadian Defence Minister: Aliens Have Visited Earth For Thousands Of Years

Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer claims that at least 4 known species of aliens species have been visiting Earth for thousands of years.  Speaking to Russia Today back in 2014, Hellyer claimed that when he was Minister of National

Prince Claimed ‘Royals Are Reptilian’ In Song Locked In Vault

Prince Charles is a “shapeshifting reptilian” who “flashed his real self” at Prince while greeting him at a red-carpet event in 1999, according to lyrics in an autobiographical song stored in Prince’s vault. Music writer Ben Smith, working on a

Nikola Tesla Had Contact With Aliens: Biographer

Nikola Tesla’s biographer claims the inventor of the modern alternating current electricity supply system had contact with extraterrestrials. The genius inventor and engineer used to receive ‘regular signals’ from intelligent beings communicating with each other on other planets. Tesla is

CIA: Soldiers Killed By Aliens After UFO Shootout – Stunning Admission

A declassified CIA report reveals that soldiers were killed by extraterrestrials after the US Air Force shot down a UFO that flew over a military unit. According to the report – located on the website – a low flying saucer appeared

UK Government Quietly Declassifies All UFO Files

The British government secretly declassified nearly all of their UFO files last month, making them publicly available to read.  15 out of 18 of the remaining secret UFO files are now available to read in person at the National Archives

House Votes For New ‘U.S. Space Corps’ Military Service

With an eye out to fight in wars beyond earth’s atmosphere, the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services voted Wednesday to create a new military branch: the U.S. Space Corps. The corps will become the sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, and

NASA Rover Captures Photo Of ‘Advanced Technology’ On Martian Surface

Conspiracy theories swirl online over NASA rover photo, captured ‘advanced technology’ on Mars (INTELLIHUB) — NASA’s Curiosity rover captured a picture of what appears to be some type of advanced piece of equipment or intelligently made object on Mars. The

Roswell Expert: Top Secret Documents Prove UFO Crash

A paranormal radio show host claims to have proof that a flying saucer did indeed crash 70 years ago in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Conspiracy theorist Heather Wade’s investigation into the Roswell mystery has unearthed a government cover

‘Biggest Hunt In History’ Now Underway Could Help Confirm One Of The Biggest Conspiracy Theories And Mysteries Of Our Age

– The ‘Deep State’ In ‘Deep Space’ And The Mysterious Enigma Of ‘Planet X’ By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die In what some have called ‘the biggest hunt in history’, professional and citizen astronomers

What Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space?

More questions emerge as NASA website shows strange anomaly in space, an entire swath is missing What is NASA hiding in this area of space?

‘Aliens Exist’ – CIA Agent’s Area 51 Deathbed Confession Goes Viral

The deathbed confession of a former CIA agent and high-ranking military official has gone viral after the 77-year old government insider revealed that aliens exist on earth and the US government has been desperately covering up the evidence. During the

Do Reptilians Exist, Evidence for Underground Reptoid Aliens on Earth (Video)

The history of Reptoid beings on Earth, he believes that as recently as around 52,000 years ago, reptilian humanoids ruled the planet, though they lived underground. They saw the Earth as their planet, and evolved from the dinosaurs. Reptilian humanoids

Russian Colonel General: Everything Ready For Alien Colonization

Russian Colonel General Skryabin says Aliens are here and have been for a while and have evil plans for humanity in 2017. Skryabin claims he had private communications with aliens and personally saw President Michael Gorbachev and Yeltsin meet with

NASA To Announce Search For Extraterrestrial Life In Our Solar System

NASA will be holding a press conference this Thursday, to discuss startling new discoveries relating to extraterrestrial life.   The press conference, scheduled at 2 PM ET on Thursday April 13, will discuss new discoveries relating to “ocean worlds found

NASA Astronaut Saw ‘Dead Aliens’ In Unseen Roswell Video

New evidence has emerged that NASA astronaut Lt Col Ellison Onizuka witnessed footage of dead aliens who were experimented on in Roswell. According to former NASA spacecraft operator Clark C McClelland, Onizuka revealed to him shortly before his death that